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21 May 2015 



AVETMISS stands for the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard. It is a national data standard that ensures consistent and accurate capture and reporting of Vocational Education and Training (VET) information about students.

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) is the custodian of the Standard.

Please see our fact sheet, What is AVETMISS and why do I have to report AVETMISS data? for information on what AVETMISS covers and the documents that describe the data requirements. 

What is the connection between NCVER, AVETMISS and the Quality Indicators?

NCVER is the custodian of AVETMISS and provides technical support for the Competency Completion Online System (CCOS) that registered training organisations (RTO) use to report the Competency Completion Quality Indicator.

NEW: Under The Data Provision Requirements 2012 it is a requirement of registration for RTOs that did not submit AVETMISS data on all 2014 training activity to either NCVER or their respective State or Territory Training Authorities (due to being granted a formal AVETMISS reporting exemption or accessing a one year grace period from AVETMISS reporting), to collect, use and report data on three Quality Indicators (QIs).

Please note: RTOs that reported 2014 AVETMISS data will not be able to access the CCOS website or generate 2014 CCOS reports. RTOs that require CCOS reports from previous years ( 2013 and earlier) please fill out our contact form detailing your request.

Under what authority are AVETMISS data collected and used?

As the AVETMISS custodian, NCVER collects AVETMISS information under the authority of the regulatory bodies for RTOs. For more details please see our fact sheet: What is AVETMISS and why do I have to report AVETMISS data?

Where can I find information on AVETMISS releases?

The current AVETMISS releases are:

National VET Provider Collection: release 7.0

Apprentice and Trainee Collection: release 6.0

National VET Financial Collection: release 2.1

You can keep up to date with the latest information by subscribing to NCVER email alerts and newsletters.

Where can I find information on AVETMISS identifiers and classification codes?

To maintain data consistency, it has been agreed upon by all jurisdictions that AVETMISS identifiers and classifications be predominately derived from national registers and national classifications. Training.gov.au (TGA) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) are two principal reference sources for training program identifiers and classification codes. Selected classification system files, in text format, are available on the NCVER Portal.

You can keep up-to-date with the latest information by subscribing to NCVER email alerts and newsletters.

Where can RTOs get support understanding AVETMISS?

For NCVER AVETMISS support, you can email us via our contact form.

For state/territory specific reporting requirements, please contact your STA or registering body. Contact information is available on our client support page.


What are my compliance responsibilities?

Please see our AVETMISS compliance fact sheet. This fact sheet will show you how to meet your AVETMISS compliance responsibilities in four basic steps.

Total VET activity reporting from 2014 on wards

In November 2012, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and the Standing Council on Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment (SCOTESE) agreed to the mandatory collection and reporting of nationally recognised VET activity by all RTOs from 1 January 2014.

Details of implementation, including any required transition arrangements, grace periods and exemptions are available on the Department of Education and Training’s website.

The announcement outlining the SCOTESE decision can be accessed here and an information sheet can be found here.

What information do RTOs need to collect?

AVETMISS covers students and their enrolments: who they are, where they study, what they study and the outcome.

The recommended standard enrolment questions can be found at the end of the AVETMISS 7.0 VET Provider Collection specifications, or the stand-alone document Standard enrolment form for R7.0.

The form contains the standard enrolment questions RTOs are recommended to use to ensure accurate collection of the minimum required information for AVETMISS reporting. RTOs may include additional questions on their enrolment form.

NCVER has produced a short animation that answers questions about how student enrolment forms are used, why it is important to collect accurate data on the form and how private data are protected. This 90 second animation is available for viewing on NCVER's YouTube Channel, or may be downloaded in MOV file (12 MB) and WMV file (15.5 MB) format.


You can find a full description of the collection requirements in the Standard for the VET Provider COllection:  AVETMISS 7.0 VET Provider Collection specifications and AVETMISS data element definitions: edition 2.2.

What do I do if a student does not complete their enrolment form?

Clients may not answer all questions on the enrolment form that are required for AVETMISS reporting. The Standard requires that these fields must not be blank in their client specific NAT files. Therefore, rather than leaving the field blank; you will need to enter the appropriate “not specified” response in the field if the student did not provide the information.

Please see the table on our AVETMISS compliance fact sheet for details on how to pass validation with incomplete client information.

How should I choose a student management system?

RTOs may choose to use a student management system (SMS) to manage their training and produce AVETMISS compliant data. A SMS may be developed in-house or purchased from a commercial software vendor.

You can access a list of compliant student management systems on the AVETMISS compliant software register. The software register contains a list of publicly available student management systems or data entry tools that software vendors have registered as being AVETMISS compliant.

We recommend that you undertake your own investigations to select a commercial SMS to ensure that it fulfils your expectations for vendor support and AVETMISS upgrade arrangements and that it accommodates (where relevant) the reporting requirements of your State Training Authority.

Please note that product registration is optional. While we aim to encourage all vendors to register their products, there may be some AVETMISS compliant systems available that are not listed on the register.

Are my data AVETMISS compliant?

Please see our AVETMISS compliance fact sheet.

What are NAT files and what do they look like?

The NAT or national data collection files are the AVETMISS text (.txt) files which contain your training activity data and are submitted to the National VET Provider Collection.

The AVETMISS 7.0 VET Provider Collection specifications  detail the specific information to be collected and the format required for the NAT files.

The VET Provider Collection specifications should be read in conjuntion with the AVETMISS Data element definitions document. The data element definitions describe the rules and format for each field required in the NAT files.

You can download sample NAT files from the NCVER Portal.


Does my RTO need to submit to the National VET Provider Collection?

As of 1 January 2014 all RTOs are required to collect and report AVETMISS data as part of their registration requirements.

Details of implementation, including any required transition arrangements, grace periods and exemptions are available on the Department of Education and Training’s website.

Where do RTOs submit their AVETMISS compliant data?

Please see our Where, when and how do I report my AVETMISS data? fact sheet. This fact sheet will help you determine where, when and how to report your AVETMISS data.

How do RTOs submit their AVETMISS compliant data?

Submissions via STAs

Each STA has its own data submission process. Please contact your STA to find out about this process. You can find STA contact information on our client support page.

Direct submission to NCVER

Use the AVETMISS Validation Software to submit your data to NCVER.

You can find support materials about the AVETMISS Validation Software on the AVETMISS validation software page.

Important: email or post submissions are not accepted.

Please see the following fact sheets for more information on using the AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS):

When are the AVETMISS data due to be submitted?

Please see our fact sheet, Where, when and how do I report my AVETMISS data?

What protocols apply to AVETMISS data submitted to NCVER?

Please see our Privacy and Data Security fact sheet for details.

Validation software

What is the AVETMISS Validation Software?

NCVER provides a free web-based software that will validate NAT files to ensure the data in the files have been entered in the correct AVETMISS format and according to the rules provided in the Standard.

The AVETMISS Validation Software can be accessed via the NCVER Portal here.

The data must pass through the validation software error-free to be considered AVETMISS compliant.

Please see the following fact sheets for detailed information on using the AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS):

Some STAs provide their own validation software. Please contact the STA directly for further information. STA contact information can be found on our client support page.

Do I need to use the AVETMISS Validation Software?

Direct submissions to NCVER

The AVETMISS Validation Software is the only accepted method for submitting your data to NCVER. Submission of data is only possible when the NAT files have passed through the software error-free.

Submissions via STAs

Some STAs have additional reporting requirements and put in place their own arrangements for validating data.

Please contact your STA directly for further information. STA contact information can be found on our client support page.

For more information please see our fact sheet: Where, when and how do I report my AVETMISS data?

How do I access the AVETMISS Validation Software and its supporting documentation?

The AVETMSS Validation Software can be accessed via the NCVER Portal or directly at www.avs.ncver.edu.au. The web-based AVS has the following support documentation available:

Also available are:

How do I monitor the quality of my AVETMISS data throughout the year?

The AVETMISS Validation Software allows you to validate your data prior to data being finalised for the year.

Selecting a mid-year/interim collection Period (Jan- Mar or Jan- Jun etc.) option in the Collection Processing screen, allows training for which the outcome is not yet known (Outcome identifier – national = ‘90 – Not yet available’) to pass validation in the AVETMISS Validation Software without triggering an error.

Please see the Start a new collection section in the AVETMISS Validation Software: user guide for information on using a mid-year collection Period option.

The AVETMISS Validation Software also contains a Preliminary checks function. This option allows you to exclude checking of some data validation rules. It is recommended that you exclude the checking of rules for known incorrect data that are going to be updated at a later date only. This will allow you to monitor the quality of your data throughout the year on all other data validation rules.

The Preliminary checks function will prevent you from submitting data to NCVER as the files have been partially validated only.

For further details, please see the Preliminary checks section in the AVETMISS Validation Software: user guide.

How secure are the AVETMISS data submitted to NCVER?

Please see our fact sheet on Privacy and Data Security.


What do I need to be aware of when using the AVETMISS Validation Software?

Please refer to the AVETMISS Validation Software: Getting started checklist and page 6 of the AVETMISS Validation Software: User guide to ensure you are set up to use the software.

Which version of Microsoft Windows do I have installed?

To check which version of Windows you have installed:

1. Press and hold Win+R
2. Type winver into the box
3. Click OK
4. The version number is displayed in the dialogue box that appears.

Why do I get errors and warnings after validation?

The AVETMISS Validation Software checks the data to ensure they comply with the AVETMISS rules and formatting.

Errors and warnings are generated against records that have breached these constraints. Errors will need to be corrected in the source data and then revalidated.

Please find a complete list of errors and warning in the Business rules for 2014 data.