Funding opportunities

18 April 2016

Research funding rounds

The National Vocational Education and Training Research (NVETR) program periodically provides funding for VET research. NCVER provides applicants with an information kit which includes briefing notes on the research priorities and a guide to submitting research proposals. These become available on the website when a funding round is announced.

When are the funding rounds?

Funding rounds will be advertised in the national press and on this website. To be advised when our next funding round opens, we invite you to subscribe to NCVER News.

Who gets the funding for NVETR research projects?

Successful proposals have come from:

  • Researchers based in universities
  • Private consultants
  • Researchers based in VET providers
  • Researchers within government departments/industry

Partnerships and collaborations of any variety are encouraged. They may be between researchers and VET practitioners, academic researchers from different disciplines or industry led research in conjunction with research partners.

Research funding is awarded to organisations through a competitive process. NCVER is not eligible for this funding.

How are projects selected?

A selection panel established by NCVER evaluates all proposals against a set of broad criteria, which may include:

  • demonstrated understanding of the key bodies of literature in the field and their findings and implications
  • the relevance of the issues and the related research questions proposed to be addressed
  • the quality and suitability of the proposed research approaches and program
  • the timeliness of proposed reports and their client focus
  • the composition and quality of the proposal research team
  • value for money

Specific criteria are included in the information kit for each funding round.

Need more information?

For all enquiries about NVETR funding rounds, please contact:
Tabatha Griffin
Senior Research Officer, Research Operations

Building research capacity

NCVER is committed to building research capacity in the VET sector by:

  • attracting experienced researchers from outside the sector
  • encouraging early career researchers
  • supporting people in the sector to undertake research

In an effort to achieve these aims, the following opportunities are offered.

NCVER Fellowships

NCVER offers fellowships to provide researchers interested in education, labour markets and social inclusion with the opportunity to use NCVER data sets. Research topics will be negotiated between the host institution, the researcher and NCVER. Funding of between $10 000 and $20 000 will be offered.

There are currently no fellowship opportunities available.

For queries regarding the fellowships please contact Bridget Wibrow.