Research prospectus 2015-16

29 May 2015


The research prospectus outlines a set of priorities and topics that will address current and emerging issues in the VET sector, so guiding the research program at NCVER.

The topics are presented under an organising framework in four priority areas of: productivity, participation and outcomes, learning and teaching, and the place and role of VET.

The research prospectus can be downloaded as a PDF document (below) or for information and the status of all research projects underway please explore the prospectus via the priority areas.

Priority areas

Link to page with information about key priority area productivity and research topics


Research prospectus 2015-16


The prospectus is intended to provoke continued discussion and interest in research and we invite stakeholders to contact us via email at:

Further information

A recording of the webinar Where to with VET research? held on 12 March 2015 is available for viewing from our Webinar recordings 2015 page.