Timeline of Australian VET policy initiatives 1998-2017

June 2017
Estimated publish date
February 2018
Principal researcher(s)
Bridget Wibrow, Research Officer, NCVER
Radhika Naidu, Systems Librarian, NCVER
Anna Payton, Policy Officer, NCVER
Jodieann Dawe, National Manager Research and Engagement, NCVER
Research sponsor - Queensland Department of Education and Training
Radhika Naidu radhika.naidu@ncver.edu.au 08 8230 8693
Project code

Project purpose

This project will produce a compendium of VET reform policies introduced from 1998 and onwards. It will focus on policies that have a direct impact on VET and were introduced by training ministers. Information will be available at the federal level and for each jurisdiction and will be presented as an online product. While the project itself will be focused solely on policy and will not include data, it has the potential to provide some context for trends in data and other research findings.

Research questions

  • With an appetite for historical cross-jurisdictional information, how do we find key reports quickly?
  • Is there a way to reduce the duplication of effort and provide a one-stop shop for information?
  • Can the above then serve as an effective model to be maintained as an ongoing ‘longitudinal’ resource?


Desktop analysis will be undertaken to source information on the different policy reforms affecting VET nationally and for each jurisdiction since 1998. An online resource displaying this information will then be designed.