Quality assurance processes

30 May 2013 Revised: 10 February 2015


In order to ensure the quality of research published by NCVER, the following processes are applied to all research reports before publication. These apply to reports prepared by NCVER and those commissioned to external researchers.

Author's guide

All reports must comply with the requirements of the author's guide and be presented using the appropriate report templates. Graphics and references will be in the style described in the authors' and reference guides.

If you have been commissioned to prepare a report for NCVER, please contact your project manager for the relevant documents and templates.

Peer review

Peer review helps to maintain high research standards and encourages accurate, thorough and credible research reporting. All NCVER research reports undergo blind peer review.

For commissioned researchers, NCVER will arrange for peer review of reports. You will receive written feedback based on the reviewer's comments. Please address or respond to these before submitting your final report.

Writing style and editing

NCVER reports should be written in plain English and accessible to a wide audience, including policy-makers, education specialists, teachers and trainers, education and training providers and employers.

For commissioned researchers, while NCVER will copy edit reports once approved for publishing, all researchers will (at their own expense) arrange for a substantive edit of their work. Researchers will be charged for any major editing required after the submission of the final report.

Data checking

NCVER conducts checking of NCVER data presented in research reports. However, commissioned researchers are required to check the accuracy of all extant and/or original data contained in their research reports.