Data resubmission policy

23 July 2019

Data resubmission policy

REVISION DATES: Policy created June 2013; Last revised July 2019


1. Data quality is an important element of NCVER’s role as the custodian of the national VET administrative collections and surveys. NCVER’s success is measured by the comprehensiveness and quality of its statistical collections, and on the quality and relevance of its research and data.

2. NCVER aims for high quality data to maintain its reputation, but the window of opportunity for data quality checking are relatively short and resubmissions cannot always be avoided.

3. With the move to collecting ‘total VET activity’, there will be more data submitted to NCVER, which could potentially increase the number of resubmissions. To manage the increased number of data submissions (and resubmissions), it will be the responsibility of the data submitters to review the quality of their data prior to submitting data via NCVER’s AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS).

4. This policy does not cover changes to data for the USI transcript service which was activated in May 2017. Any changes required to the transcript service can be facilitated via the USI transcript update tool or through regular AVETMISS reporting.


5. The purpose of this policy is to outline NCVER’s approach to dealing with data resubmissions.


6. NCVER will accept data resubmission after the close-off date in some circumstances; however, we will undertake an informed assessment on a case-by-case basis of the consequences of this on our key collections, surveys and products.

7. The frequency of data and publication updates needs to be limited to align with data submission cycles, with the following exception:

  • If the data revisions are assessed as having material impact on statistical outputs and products, NCVER will negotiate with the data submitter on a cost-recovery basis to update and re-issue publications, products and services affected by the revisions. Details of a data discrepancy must be provided in writing to NCVER. NCVER reserves the right to verify the discrepancy and to advise on the course of action.

8. This policy applies to data in all national VET administrative collections including: the National VET Provider Collection, the National Apprentice and Trainee Collection, the National VET Funding Collection, and the National VET in Schools Collection. Sampling for the National Student Outcomes Survey may be implicated by resubmissions to the National VET Provider Collection.