Total VET activity

26 July 2016


Total VET activity (TVA) data provides, an estimate of the extent and nature of the vocational education and training (VET) delivered in 2015 by Australian training providers. This picture of training activity is known as ‘total VET activity’, to reflect that the information is collected from all types of providers and not only those in receipt of Commonwealth or state funding. Information is provided on the number of training providers, students, enrolments in programs, enrolments in subjects, hours of delivery and program completions.

The data cover the training delivered by 4277 Australian providers, including registered training organisations (RTOs) and non-registered training organisations (such as community education providers and schools).

What is total VET activity? (1:31mins) Total VET students and courses 2015: infographic

Screenshot of total VET students and courses 2015 infographic
This short video 'What is total VET activity?' is also available for viewing on NCVER's YouTube Channel.The complete infographic is available here.
A transcript of the video is also available. 

Data products

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Total VET students and courses publicationTotal VET students and courses excel pivot tablesVOCSTATS an interactive database to construct your own tables. Registration needed to access.

Total VET students and courses by provider type data visualisationTotal VET students and courses by equity group data visualisationVET students by industry data visualisation Atlas of total VET data visualisation

Further information

Total VET activity fact sheetsPDF of total VET students and courses 2015 terms and definitionsInformation on how to access total vet activity dataIncludes information about what data we collect and publish, the different collections and release dates