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Tuesday 29 October 2019, 1.30-2.30pm ACDT


Join us as we explore the destinations of students who studied VET as part of their senior secondary assessment at school.

The study examines VET for secondary school students (VFSSS) five years down the track from commencing their programs in 2011.

Tune in as we present findings on intended occupations vs actual employment outcomes, links between field of education and further training, comparisons between VFSSS and non-VFSSS students based on employment status, and more.


Dr Patrick Korbel, Quantitative Analyst

Patrick's work is focused on producing integrated statistics, research and analytics to provide insights that help to inform and influence the VET sector.

Much of his work at NCVER has been about making the most of the data on total VET activity, including research on the structure and operation of the VET market and the uptake and utility of qualifications. He has also been involved with research on the supply and demand of skills using internet job postings, the role of VET in preparing the STEM skills and knowledge of the workforce and the post-school destinations of VET in Schools students.

Emerick Chew head shot

Emerick Chew, Data Analyst

Emerick is a Data Analyst in the National Surveys branch, and is part of the team that manages the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY).

His work largely involves data processing, the integration and production of metadata, and developing LSAY data products.

He has also been involved in a few NCVER research projects and data visualisation products, with the most recent one being the sequence analysis approach on ‘School-to-work pathways’, and some others which include the analysis of internet job postings on trending and emerging skills, and the apprentice and trainee outcomes data visualisation.

Josie Misko

Dr Josie Misko, Senior Research Fellow

Josie is a Senior Research Fellow at NCVER. She has researched and written widely about current and past reforms to the Australian VET system and has been involved in various national reviews and evaluations of VET programs and initiatives.

She has also researched widely on the topic of VET for secondary school students, and has studied student participation in work placements, their access to credit and articulation pathways with TAFEs and universities, and the extent to which they pursue apprenticeships. Most of her research in this area has focused on both the level and type of VET programs students undertake, and the extent to which their programs align with their post-school employment and training destinations.


Genevieve Knight head shot

Dr Genevieve Knight, Research Operations Manager

Prior to joining NCVER, from 2013-2017 Genevieve was a Senior Research Fellow with the National institute of Labour Studies, Principal Research Fellow with the Policy Studies Institute (London) and associate of the Australian Centre for Community Services Research. She has over 20 years’ experience of successful social policy development and evaluation research. Genevieve has a broad background in the field evaluation of social and community policies, and designing evaluations to successfully identify policy impact and cost-benefit.


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