Standard enrolment questions example forms

By NCVER Statistical standard 8 July 2013 Revised: 5 December 2017


These sample enrolment forms contain the standard enrolment questions for Release 7.0 and Release 8.0.

The example form for R8.0 has been amended to align with the requirements of the VET Data Policy, which takes effect from 1 January 2018.

For student enrolment from 1 January 2018, please use the revised R8.0 standard enrolment questions example form.

These forms allow registered training organisations to collect the minimum required information for AVETMISS reporting.

How to use these forms

The sample enrolment forms on these pages are designed to assist RTOs with meeting the requirements outlined in the National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy (in effect until 31 December 2017) and the National VET Data Policy (in effect from 01 January 2018).

As per Section 4 of the new Policy, each RTO must implement policies and procedures to collect accurate and complete AVETMISS data from their clients, unless exempt under Section 5 of the Policy.

These forms contain the minimum questions students must be asked when enrolling in order to collect the complete AVETMISS data required by the Policy. The questions on these forms can be incorporated into physical or online enrolment forms RTOs use for enrolling students.

We recommend that the sequence and wording of questions are maintained. RTOs are also able to add their own questions to their own enrolment forms.

It is not compulsory for a student to answer all the questions on an enrolment form. Whilst an RTO should never force a student to answer all the questions, and an RTO may add their own questions to their own enrolment form, they should also not prompt a student to provide not-specified or opt-out responses, as this may put the RTO at risk of not meeting the policy requirement outlined above.

Prior students of the RTO who return to enroll in additional training must complete the enrolment form again to ensure that collected information is still accurate and that students have signed the privacy statement for the new training. It is also recommended that RTOs have a process to ensure that continuing students information is kept up-to-date to ensure that the AVETMISS data reported is as accurate as possible at the time of reporting.

In addition to the minimum AVETMISS questions, the sample enrolment forms also include:

  • the Data element name in italics below each question to advise which AVETMISS field the question should be used for. This has been provided to assist RTOs and student management system providers, but does not have to be used in the actual enrolment form.
  • a privacy statement which advises students that their data may be supplied to, and used by, governments and other agencies for administration and research. As per Section 7.1-7.3 of the Policy, it is the responsibility of RTOs to ensure that students are aware how their personal information may be used or disclosed, and that they retain evidence that the student is aware of the purposes for which information may be used. If you do not retain evidence that the student has signed or electronically acknowledged the Privacy Statement & Student Declaration section, your RTO will be in breach of the Policy. A student cannot be enrolled if they refuse to sign an enrolment form. This is because you will either have to enrol the student without submitting their AVETMISS data, or submit the data without the student’s signature, both of which put you in breach of the Policy.
  • a Disability Supplement (for Release 8.0) which can be used to assist students with answering Question 11 on the sample enrolment form. The Disability Supplement should be made accessible to students when they are completing their enrolment form.



Standard enrolment questions example form for R7.0
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Standard enrolment questions example form for R8.0
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