Apprentices and trainees 2018: March quarter - Australia

By NCVER Statistical report 3 September 2018 1440-0359


This infographic provides a snapshot of apprenticeships and traineeships across Australia. It presents statistics on commencements, completions, cancellations and withdrawals and those currently in training. Unless stated otherwise, data is derived using the latest National Apprentice and Trainee Collection no.96, (June 2018 estimates), which is compiled under the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) for Apprentice and Trainee Collection Specifications, Release 7.0, October 2015.

Due to lags in processing, the most recent figures are estimated (for training activity from September quarter 2016 to March quarter 2018). The estimation method involves weighting recently processed numbers, based on average reporting lags. As estimates are revised for up to seven quarters, figures for the last two years may differ from those published in earlier or in subsequent reports. Whereas non-estimated data reflects the actual data submitted by each jurisdiction which is also subject to change. Further details on the methodology can be found in the technical paper Estimation of apprentice and trainee statistics.

More information including longer term trends, detailed data and explanatory notes are available. The states and territories are diverse in terms of economies, industry and VET policy and this need to be considered in any detailed analysis.


In-training as at 31 March 2018

There were 272 440 apprentices and trainees in-training as at 31 March 2018, a decrease of 1.2% from 31 March 2017.

Quarterly training activity

In the March quarter 2018, compared with the March quarter 2017:

  • commencements increased by 1.5%, to 56 015
  • completions decreased by 9.0%, to 22 425
  • cancellations and withdrawals increased by 4.0%, to 23 980

Training activity: 12-month ending series

In the 12 months ending 31 March 2018, compared with the 12 months ending 31 March 2017:

  • commencements decreased by 0.9%, to 164 150
  • completions decreased by 4.6%, to 92 130
  • cancellations and withdrawals increased by 0.4%, to 92 765

State and territory data

Select an option below to see data related to a specific state or territory (opens on a new page).


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