National VET Data Policy

7 December 2017


VET data provision arrangements have been reviewed following the introduction of the collection of Total VET Activity and the commencement of the Unique Student Identifiers scheme. The review has led to the drafting of a new National VET Data Policy, which has been agreed by all Skills Ministers. This Policy closes information gaps by reducing some reporting exemptions, and consolidates VET data collection and use information into a single reference document. The new Policy takes effect from 1 January, with a transition period until 1 July 2018.

The policy

  • Changes to the National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy have been made to ensure its objectives of increasing the efficiency and transparency of the VET market are met, and to assist users to more easily understand their responsibilities for collecting, reporting, using and accessing VET data.
  • The Policy has been redrafted to incorporate a number of suggested changes, and ensure it complies with privacy principles. The key changes include:
    • expansion of the Policy to provide guidance on all national VET data collections in one document, and a consequential change in the name of the Policy to the National VET Data Policy
    • a reduction of some reporting exemptions for community service organisations and RTOs delivering short courses, but exemptions on the basis of national security are largely retained;
    • specification of mandatory content for inclusion in a ‘Privacy Notice and Student Declaration’ for students, and a ‘VET Data Use Statement and RTO Declaration and Understanding’ for RTOs.
    • details on the publication of identifiable RTO level information
    • arrangements for disclosure of identifiable data about VET students, including identifiable data containing Unique Student Identifier (USI) and
    • more details on the operation of the VET Data Access Committee.
  • The Policy includes four parts:
    • Part A Introduction – outlines why VET Data is collected
    • Part B National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy – outlines obligations on all Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to collect and submit comprehensive data on their delivery of Nationally Recognised Training
    • Part C VET Data Access and Disclosure – outlines arrangements for disclosing and using the VET Data held by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER)
    • Part D Administration – deals with administration of the policy and definitional content including the Glossary of Terms.

For further information please refer to the Department of Education and Training's website.

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