AVETMISS R7.0 validation software (AVS)

5 May 2015 Revised: 22 February 2016


The web-based AVETMISS R7.0 validation software (AVS) is a file validation and data submission system designed for training organisations and agencies to provide data to the National VET Provider Collection.To use this free validation software for the first time you will need to register by clicking on Register below the Sign in box.

It is also used by State/territory training authorities to validate data for AVETMISS 6.0 for Apprentice and Trainee collections. Registration is required to access the software. Please see the Registration quick guide for more information.

AVS process

The AVS process flow below depicts the steps that AVS users must follow to validate and then export or submit their AVETMISS data. The light blue boxes in the second row link to support materials that provide detailed information on how to complete each of the steps outlined above.

Link to AVS

Click the link below to access AVS


Sample AVETMISS R7.0 (NAT) files


  • AVETMISS Validation Software: frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This document contains a list of frequently asked questions about the AVETMISS Validation Software.

PDF (180 KB) Word (236 KB)

  • AVETMISS Validation Software: getting started checklist

First time users of AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS) should use this checklist to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for using AVS effectively.

PDF (108 KB) Word (216 KB)

  • AVETMISS Validation Software: video tutorial

Updated for 2015 reporting: Watch our short video tutorial and in less than 8 minutes learn how to upload, validate and report your AVETMISS data using NCVER’s free web-based AVETMISS Validation Software. The video is also available for viewing on NCVER's YouTube channel.

  • AVETMISS Validation Software: quick guide

The AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS) quick guide describes the most basic functions of the AVS.

PDF (516 KB) Word (281 KB)

  • AVETMISS Validation Software: user guide

The AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS) user guide contains comprehensive instructions on the functionality of the AVS.

PDF (2.78 MB) Word (4.50 MB)

  • AVETMISS AVS update information

    The document outlines updates to classifications and validation rules in the AVETMISS validation software.

    PDF (561 KB)