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Data Support Bulletin 15 January 2018

The Data Support Bulletin is produced on a regular basis with the aim of providing updates on our pr… Show more

Fact sheets 15 January 2018

Our fact sheets contain in-depth information on a range of key topics.

What is AVETMISS? 18 December 2017

An overview of the statistical standard which is used to ensure quality of data.

National VET Data Policy 7 December 2017

Information about the new National VET Data Policy taking effect from 1 January 2018 including links… Show more

RTO webinar recordings 13 October 2017

Webinar recordings on a range of RTO related topics.

The SMS Vendor Update is produced on an ad hoc basis with the aim of providing updates on the nation… Show more

Individual STAs may differ slightly from NCVER in their AVETMISS reporting requirements. This page c… Show more

Key dates for SMS vendors 1 January 2017

This calendar provides AVETMISS dates specific to SMS vendors, such as reporting deadlines and AVS u… Show more

AVETMISS support for RTOs 22 November 2016

NCVER's AVETMISS support team are able to provide assistance with queries related to the AVETMISS na… Show more

The AVETMISS Compliant Software Register contains a list of publicly available student management sy… Show more

The AVETMISS support team at NCVER provides communication around reporting deadlines, assistance wit… Show more

This page is dedicated to assisting student management system (SMS) vendors comply with the national… Show more

A list of data quality checks are provided for the National VET Provider, VET in Schools and Apprent… Show more

AVETMISS systems files 10 June 2014

The classifications required for AVETMISS reporting are supplied in electronic format to assist thos… Show more

AVETMISS for VET providers 9 September 2013

The standard for VET providers is the data standard for the National VET Provider Collection.

The data element definitions apply to the VET provider and apprentice and trainee collections.

The statistical standard applies to the VET finance collection.

The statistical standard applies to the apprentice and trainee collection.