AVETMISS for VET providers

9 September 2013 Revised: 18 August 2017


The Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) for VET providers is the data standard for the National VET Provider Collection. The collection contains information on training programs delivered by government funded and privately operated training providers.

The VET Provider Standard is presented in two documents: the AVETMISS VET Provider Collection specifications and the AVETMISS data element definitions. The collection specifications describe the files and fields to be collected. The data element definitions define the fields or data elements used in the collection.

Results of the National VET Provider Collection are reported in the Students and courses publications.

Current related publications are provided below. Superseded publications can be accessed through the VOCEDplus database.

Release 7.0

Release 7.0 of the Standard applies to training activity from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2017. Release 7.0 of the Standard was originally published in April 2013. The document was re-released in July 2014 with changes made due to the enhanced reporting requirement for registered training organisations (RTOs).

Release 7.0 documents available for download are:

Release 8.0

Feedback from RTOs and student management system (SMS) vendors has contributed to a new release of the Standard, release 8.0, which will apply to all training activity from 1 January 2018.

A flyer providing an overview of the changes and document detailing the specifics of the changes can be found at AVETMISS 8.0 for VET providers: what's changing from release 7.0. RTOs and SMS vendors should refer to these to ensure their systems and processes are ready for the first collection under the new release.

Release 8.0 documents available for download are:


For support with the AVETMISS for VET Provider collection specific to your user type, please see: