Keynote speaker Fiona Kerr

Dr Fiona Kerr

Dr Fiona Kerr is a prominent thought leader who consults globally in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, complex systems dynamics, human connectivity and the impacts of technologisation.

She is the founder of The NeuroTech Institute, an independent, multi-disciplinary body working at the intersection of neuroscience, emerging technology and ethical practice.

Her qualifications include cognitive neuroscience, complex systems engineering, psychology and anthropology, with more than thirty five years of industry experience.

Fiona advises organisations ranging from Defence and Cirque du Soleil to Finland’s AI steering committee. She is an adjunct at Adelaide University, a Research Fellow at SAHMRI and an international speaker.

Gabrielle Kelly

Ms Gabrielle Kelly

Ms Gabrielle Kelly is recognised as a global leader in the implementation of a life-course approach to human development and building wellbeing at scale, within an evidence-based framework.

She is invited to speak globally about the practical application of wellbeing at scale and the ever-expanding body of research knowledge. She has been appointed by the UAE World Government Summit to the Global Wellbeing Cross-Cutting Council on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a group of interdisciplinary decision makers from governments, international organisations, academia, and the private sector to advance the creative implementation of the 17 SDGs at national and global levels through wellbeing policy, measurement, science, practice, and initiatives.

The interdisciplinary commitment of the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre is a product of Ms Kelly’s broad global engagement as a thought leader, film-maker and digital media executive as well as the vision she brought to the Centre. She led the innovative Adelaide Thinkers in Residence Program (2009-14) driving significant and sustained political and social change in advanced manufacturing, early childhood education, city design, ageing and wellbeing. The integration of global best practice within a collaboration of influential public and private sector local leaders, to achieve rapid implementation of new policy ideas, was the hallmark of the program under her leadership.

Ms Kelly is the Founding Director of the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre at SAHMRI and is on the board of the Australian National Development Index organisation.