Webinar recordings 2016

1 December 2016


If you have missed one of our 2016 webinars, click on the link below to see the presentation and listen to the recording. Access is free.

These webinars are hosted on an external site and you will need to register your name and email address to access.

An introduction to VOCSTATS
Presented by Marc Ruediger and Martin Smolka, NCVER on 1 December 2016

Defining STEM - how an acronym became a shopping list
Presented by Gitta Siekmann and Patrick Korbel, NCVER on 29 November 2016

How can private RTOs support young learners who have left school early?
Presented by George Myconos, Brotherhood of St Laurence on 27 October 2016

"Get ready for AVETMISS Release 8.0"
Presented by Katherine McGregor and Airlie Waddicor, NCVER on 21 September 2016

Vulnerable workers and occupational mobility
Presented by Darryn Snell and Victor Gekara, RMIT University on 11 August 2016

What's the secret of organisations with apprentice completion rates around 90%?
Presented by John Buchanan, University of Sydney on 4 August 2016

TVA data: a more comprehensive picture
Presented by Mette Creaser and Toni Cavallaro, NCVER on 28 July 2016

Introducing the VOCEDplus Pod Network
Presented by Maree Ackehurst and Rose-Anne Polvere, NCVER on 7 April 2016

Rolling the dice: tips for developing research funding proposals
Presented by Jo Hargreaves and Laura Jackson, NCVER on 21 March 2016