Current research

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This project aims to characterise good practice in the provision of enabling and foundation skills c… Show more

Current concerns about declines in uptake and completions of apprenticeships are exercising governme… Show more

The primary aim of this project is to obtain a more accurate number of trainers and assessors curren… Show more

This research is investigating how VET in Schools programs support (or not) the job readiness of you… Show more

The overarching purpose for this project is to examine how well equipped the Australian VET system i… Show more

This project is investigating strategies being used to improve the quality of VET teaching in Austra… Show more

This project aims to gain a better understanding of the recognition of prior learning (RPL) occurrin… Show more

This project is investigating the current use of the VET system by those who have recently completed… Show more

This research aims to determine if there is a distinction within Australian VET of Initial Vocationa… Show more