National Student Outcomes Survey questionnaires

24 May 2021 Revised: 24 May 2021

The National Student Outcomes Survey (SOS) is an annual survey that collects information on vocational education and training (VET) students’ reasons for training, their employment outcomes, satisfaction with training, and further study outcomes. The survey covers students who completed nationally recognised VET delivered by registered training organisations (RTOs) in Australia in the previous calendar year.

From 2020, four SOS questionnaires are administered depending on student type (domestic or onshore international student) and the type of training undertaken.

Domestic student questionnaires

The domestic student questionnaire suite is designed to ensure students receive only relevant questions. The 2021 questionnaires include:

  • pulse (2 minute) questionnaire for students continuing in training, see pulse in-training questionnaire (52 KB Word).
  • short (5 minute) questionnaire administered to students undertaken short training, see lite questionnaire (65 KB Word).
  • full (10 minute) questionnaire administered to Certificate II and above qualification completers, see full questionnaire (72 KB Word).

Diagram of student groups surveyed

International student questionnaire

The questionnaire administered to international onshore qualification completers can be found here (65 KB Word).