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  • Educational outcomes: the impact of aspirations and the… 24 March 2014

    By Jacqueline Homel, Chris Ryan

    Educational aspirations have a large impact on educational outcomes.

  • School completion: what we learn from different measures of … 5 July 2012

    By Jacqueline Homel, Astghik Mavisakalyan, Ha Trong Nguyen, Chris Ryan

    This paper quantifies the impact of different dimensions of socioeconomic disadvantage on Year 12… Show more

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  • The returns to literacy skills in Australia 6 August 2013

    By Jenny Chesters, Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    This study goes beyond looking at how the financial return to training varies with qualification… Show more

  • This research reports on the effects of Youth Allowance using data from the Longitudinal Surveys of … Show more

  • Older Australians and the take-up of new technologies 19 March 2013

    By Jenny Chesters, Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    This research shows that older Australians use computers and the internet less than younger… Show more

  • The training requirements of foreign-born workers in… 26 September 2012

    By Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    In recent decades Australian immigration policy has focused mostly on accepting high-skilled… Show more

  • Differing skill requirements across countries and over time 27 October 2011

    By Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    This report investigates skill matches to job requirements for workers in Australia, New Zealand,… Show more

  • Year 12 completion and youth transitions 10 June 2011

    By Chris Ryan

    In this paper, Ryan investigates labour market outcomes for a range of different pathways… Show more

  • Skill (mis)matches and over-education of younger workers 11 January 2011

    By Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    This study investigates the extent of over-education among younger workers.

  • Who works beyond the 'standard' retirement age and… 28 October 2010

    By Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    This report describes the characteristics of those who continue to work beyond the age of 65.

  • Skill matches to job requirements 29 October 2009

    By Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    Paying particular attention to older workers, this report examines the relationship between the… Show more

  • Job requirements and lifelong learning for older workers 29 October 2009

    By Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    The relationship between job requirements, individual skills and the participation of workers in… Show more

  •  This paper summarises the findings from the first year of a three-year research program… Show more

  • A 'causal' estimate of the effect of schooling on… 1 August 2003

    By Chris Ryan, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

    This report exploits a policy change that occurred in South Australia in the mid-1980s to generate… Show more

  • The long-term benefits of a VET qualification are compared with the long-term employment outcomes… Show more

  • The financial benefits of gaining a VET qualification are calculated and assessed in this report.… Show more

  • This report compares the education and training outputs and outcomes of the Australian higher… Show more