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  • Understanding the psychological contract in apprenticeships … 29 November 2011

    By Erica Smith, Arlene Walker, Roslin Brennan Kemmis

    This research examines the 'psychological contract' or the unwritten expectations of employers and… Show more

  • Pre-apprenticeships in three key trades 2 October 2007

    By Tom Dumbrell, Erica Smith

    This report looks at whether pre-apprenticeships increase the potential supply of tradespeople,… Show more

  • Learning and training in school-based new apprenticeships 13 January 2003

    By Erica Smith, Lou Wilson

    What motivates school students to undertake school-based new apprenticeships and how satisfied are… Show more

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  • Continuity and change: employers' training practices… 14 March 2017

    By Erica Smith, Andrew Smith, Jacqueline Tuck, Victor Callan

    This study provides a comprehensive picture of the way in which employers navigate the Australian… Show more

  • High quality traineeships: Identifying what works 21 October 2009

    By Erica Smith, Paul Comyn, Roslin Brennan Kemmis, Andrew Smith

    This study explores the common features of high-quality  traineeships using case studies from the… Show more

  • The Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Learning:… 17 February 2006

    By Michele Simons, Roger Harris, Erica Smith

    This report explores how learners, and the process of learning, were presented within a sample of… Show more

  • How workplace experiences while at school affect career… 30 November 2005

    By Erica Smith, Annette Green

    How experiences with the workplace while at school affect young people after leaving school is the… Show more

  • Enterprises' commitment to nationally recognised… 29 June 2005

    By Erica Smith, Richard Pickersgill, Peter Rushbrook, Andrew Smith

    This report aims to provide a clearer understanding of how and why enterprises use nationally… Show more

  • The development of employability skills in novice workers 17 June 2003

    By Erica Smith, Paul Comyn

    This report focusses on employability skills that young people entering work for the first time, or … Show more

  • School students' views on their working and learning in … 23 July 2002

    By Erica Smith, Lou Wilson

    This study of school students in workplaces looks at their perceptions of what they learned, why… Show more

  • School students' learning from their paid and unpaid… 12 December 2001

    By Erica Smith, Annette Green

    This project examines different ways in which young people still at school experience workplaces… Show more

  • The changing role of staff development for teachers and… 5 July 2001

    By Roger Harris, Michele Simons, Doug Hill, Erica Smith, Ron Pearce, John Blakeley, Sarojni Choy, David Snewin

    This report analyses the changing parameters of staff development that are emerging from the… Show more

  • Competency-based training: A staff development perspective 11 June 1999

    By Tom Lowrie, Erica Smith, Doug Hill

    This report examines the effect of competency-based instructional techniques on VET teachers and… Show more