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  • Validation of assessment tools, processes and outcomes is an important element of the quality of… Show more

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  • VET applied research: driving VET's role in the… 7 September 2017

    By Francesca Beddie, Linda Simon

    Through investigations into how the VET sector can contribute to innovation, we find opportunities… Show more

  • Explaining the VET applied research developmental framework 7 September 2017

    By Linda Simon, Francesca Beddie

    This document explains the VET Applied Research Developmental Framework, created as part of a… Show more

  • Developing VET applied research: steps towards enhancing… 7 September 2017

    By Francesca Beddie, Linda Simon

    This guide suggests ways the vocational education and training sector can develop an applied… Show more

  • Evolution not revolution: views on training products reform 1 February 2017

    By Francesca Beddie, Jo Hargreaves, Georgina Atkinson

    This paper captures the views arising from a symposium held on 9 August 2016, at which participants … Show more

  • What are the key issues and possible solutions identified by Australian VET research from 2011–14?

  • Readiness to meet demand for skills: a study of five growth … 10 October 2014

    By Francesca Beddie, Mette Creaser, Jo Hargreaves, Adrian Ong

    The gap is widening between knowledge generated through Australia's training system, and the skills … Show more

  • Looking at the past can teach us about what directions the future can take. A group of prominent… Show more

  • Interview with Francesca Beddie on 'What next for… 25 August 2014

    By Francesca Beddie

    In this audio interview, Francesca Beddie discusses her paper, What next for tertiary education?… Show more

  • Imagine a new landscape for education. Reflecting on the past, through the Martin report of the… Show more

  • Structures in tertiary education and training: a… 24 June 2013

    By Francesca Beddie, Penelope Curtin, Laura O'Connor

    In this eclectic collection of papers, 13 essayists and four high-profile discussants consider the… Show more

  • Interview with Francesca Beddie on 'Structures in… 24 June 2013

    By Francesca Beddie

    In this interview, Steve Davis talks to one of the authors, Francesca Beddie, about this eclectic… Show more

  • Researching VET and disability: at a glance 22 November 2011

    By Tabatha Griffin, Francesca Beddie

    Undertaking research in the vocational education and training (VET) and disability area is not… Show more

  • Older workers: research readings 3 November 2011

    By Tabatha Griffin, Francesca Beddie

    One of the significant challenges facing Australia is the ageing of the population. This… Show more

  • Fostering enterprise: the innovation and skills nexus -… 28 June 2011

    By Penelope Curtin, John Stanwick, Francesca Beddie

    The main impetus for the interest in innovation is that it is seen to improve productivity at the… Show more

  • Dustman, milliner and watchcase maker: skilling Australia 17 September 2010

    By Francesca Beddie

    This paper was presented at the Professional Historians Association (NSW) Islands of History… Show more

  • The future of VET: a medley of views 19 August 2010

    By Francesca Beddie, Penelope Curtin

    Half a dozen VET researchers and commentators contemplate the future of the VET sector. Their… Show more

  • The place of VET in the tertiary sector 8 July 2010

    By Francesca Beddie

    This paper was delivered as a keynote address on 24th March 2010 at the VISTA annual conference:… Show more

  • The governments of India and Australia are working to enhance cooperation on training, at both… Show more

  • Assessing the impact of NCVER's research 22 July 2009

    By John Stanwick, Jo Hargreaves, Francesca Beddie

    This study examines where and how NCVER's research has influenced vocational education and training … Show more