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  • The changing nature of apprenticeships: 1996-2016 13 April 2017

    By Jo Hargreaves, John Stanwick, Peta Skujins

    This research summary provides evidence of the changing nature of apprenticeships over a 20-year… Show more

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  • Choosing VET: aspirations, intentions and choice 23 October 2017

    By Jo Hargreaves, Kristen Osborne

    This summary brings together the findings from two research projects looking at the aspirations,… Show more

  • Evolution not revolution: views on training products reform 1 February 2017

    By Francesca Beddie, Jo Hargreaves, Georgina Atkinson

    This paper captures the views arising from a symposium held on 9 August 2016, at which participants … Show more

  • Using the framework developed by NCVER, this case study evaluation reveals the extent to which… Show more

  • Adult trade apprentices: exploring the significance of… 29 September 2015

    By Jo Hargreaves, Davinia Blomberg

    The nature of apprenticeships is changing. Uptake of recognition of prior learning and the impacts… Show more

  • Readiness to meet demand for skills: a study of five growth … 10 October 2014

    By Francesca Beddie, Mette Creaser, Jo Hargreaves, Adrian Ong

    The gap is widening between knowledge generated through Australia's training system, and the skills … Show more

  • An exploration of labour mobility in mining and… 23 June 2014

    By Georgina Atkinson, Jo Hargreaves

    Personal reasons and family commitments predominantly drive labour mobility decisions.

  • An increasing and important requirement of any funded research program is the ability to… Show more

  • Good practice guide for measuring and maximising research… 11 September 2012

    By John Stanwick, Jo Hargreaves

    Assessing the impact of research in the social sciences is important in demonstrating that the… Show more

  • Vocational training and social inclusion: at a glance 20 September 2011

    By Jo Hargreaves

    Ensuring all Australians have equal access to education has been a key driver of state and federal… Show more

  • How a 'tertiary education' sector impacts on the… 12 November 2009

    By Sandra Pattison, Jo Hargreaves

    How the trend towards an integrated tertiary sector impacts on the way NCVER thinks about its… Show more

  • Assessing the impact of NCVER's research 22 July 2009

    By John Stanwick, Jo Hargreaves, Francesca Beddie

    This study examines where and how NCVER's research has influenced vocational education and training … Show more

  • Recognition of prior learning: At a glance 8 February 2006

    By Jo Hargreaves

    Recognition of prior learning is a process whereby people have the skills and knowledge they have… Show more

  • Recognition of prior learning in the vocational education… 6 August 2003

    By Kaye Bowman, Berwyn Clayton, Andrea Bateman, Brian Knight, Peter Thomson, Jo Hargreaves, Kaaren Blom, Marilyn Enders

    The implementation and management of recognition of prior learning (RPL) by registered training… Show more