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  • Issues in apprenticeships and traineeships – a research… 23 November 2021

    By John Stanwick, Maree Ackehurst, Kelly Frazer

    Many elements combine to make up the apprenticeship system in Australia. In this report, we focus… Show more

  • The changing nature of apprenticeships: 1996-2016 13 April 2017

    By Jo Hargreaves, John Stanwick, Peta Skujins

    This research summary provides evidence of the changing nature of apprenticeships over a 20-year… Show more

  • New Apprenticeship pathways: An option for associate… 27 July 2004

    By John Stanwick, John Saunders

    The vocational education and training (VET) sector is an important source of qualifications for… Show more

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  • The stock of qualifications in Australia 17 June 2021

    By Michelle Hall, John Stanwick

    This report analyses the qualifications people held in Australia using the ABS Survey of… Show more

  • Initial and continuing VET in Australia: clarifying… 12 May 2020

    By Michelle Circelli, John Stanwick

    This project explores if the international definitions of IVET and CVET are also suitable for the… Show more

  • Are skill sets booming? An analysis of training package… 7 November 2019

    By John Stanwick, Gitta Siekmann

    The report presents an analysis of nationally recognised ‘training package’ skill sets, and shows… Show more

  • Who are the persistently NEET young people? 13 October 2017

    By John Stanwick, Cameron Forrest, Peta Skujins

    The main socio-demographic characteristics associated with being persistently not employed, in… Show more

  • A framework to better measure the return on investment from … 29 August 2017

    By Jane Schueler, John Stanwick, Phil Loveder

    Key types of ROI for individuals arising from TVET include employment and productivity (i.e. higher … Show more

  • Trends in VET: policy and participation 5 September 2016

    By Georgina Atkinson, John Stanwick

    This paper examines the key trends in VET participation during the period 1996 to 2014. It also… Show more

  • The end of car manufacturing in Australia: what is the role … 18 November 2015

    By John Stanwick, Michelle Circelli, Tham Lu

    This research synthesis examines the general decline of the manufacturing industry, and the… Show more

  • Quality assessments: practice and perspectives 25 July 2014

    By Josie Misko, Sian Halliday-Wynes, John Stanwick, Sinan Gemici

    The quality and rigour of assessments in VET have been key concerns for VET policy-makers, which… Show more

  • Economic vulnerability in Australia, 2002-12: an employment … 30 June 2014

    By John Stanwick, Michelle Circelli

    Manufacturing and retail industries tend to dominate in more economically vulnerable regions while… Show more

  • Good practice guide for measuring and maximising research… 11 September 2012

    By John Stanwick, Jo Hargreaves

    Assessing the impact of research in the social sciences is important in demonstrating that the… Show more

  • An investigation of wellbeing questions in the Longitudinal … 4 September 2012

    By John Stanwick, Shu-Hui Liu

    This report investigates the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) for its coverage of… Show more

  • Who takes a gap year and why? 7 June 2012

    By Marilyn Lumsden, John Stanwick

    This paper discusses how a 'gap-taker' can be defined, noting that gap-taking is not the same as… Show more

  • Plumbing, sustainability and training 21 December 2011

    By Sian Halliday-Wynes, John Stanwick

    In this report the authors examine how skills development in domestic plumbing occupations has… Show more

  • Innovation: its links with productivity and skill… 27 September 2011

    By John Stanwick

    Innovation is seen as a way of increasing productivity in firms and also increasing prosperity for… Show more

  • Fostering enterprise: the innovation and skills nexus -… 28 June 2011

    By Penelope Curtin, John Stanwick, Francesca Beddie

    The main impetus for the interest in innovation is that it is seen to improve productivity at the… Show more

  • Pathways: developing the skills of Australia's workforce 30 May 2011

    By Hugh Guthrie, John Stanwick, Tom Karmel

    This paper was originally developed to help the Training and Skills Commission in South Australia… Show more

  • An investigation of TAFE efficiency 28 October 2010

    By Peter Fieger, Tom Karmel, John Stanwick

    Governments are interested in the relative efficiency of institutions, and in addition, information … Show more