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  • Does 1 = 1? Mapping measures of adult literacy and numeracy 18 January 2013

    By Michelle Circelli, Shelley Gillis, Mark Dulhunty, Margaret Wu, Leanne Calvitto

    This report explores the two tools used for assessing literacy and numeracy proficiency, the Adult… Show more

  • Mapping adult literacy performance 20 December 2011

    By Michelle Circelli, Kate Perkins, David D Curtis

    Language, literacy and numeracy are necessary for greater workforce participation, productivity and … Show more

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  • Building effective RTO-employer partnerships 20 September 2023

    By Daniella Trimboli, Michelle Circelli, Tina Berghella

    Building effective RTO-employer partnerships provides insights into strategies for RTOs that foster … Show more

  • Building effective RTO-employer partnerships: good practice … 20 September 2023

    By Tina Berghella, Michelle Circelli, Daniella Trimboli

    Effective partnerships between training providers and employers are important for ensuring a robust … Show more

  • Adding value to competency-based training 13 December 2022

    By Josie Misko, Michelle Circelli

    This research examines the strengths and weaknesses of CBT as it is currently applied to the… Show more

  • VET for secondary school students: a research synthesis 30 March 2022

    By Michelle Circelli, Gitta Siekmann

    This synthesis outlines the reasons for choosing in VET programs delivered in schools, including… Show more

  • Journeying through VET: a case study of foundation skills… 4 August 2022

    By Michelle Circelli, Michelle Hall, Zhenyuan Li,  Adrian Ong,  Patrick Lim

    This research analysed the learning journeys and training and employment outcomes of students who… Show more

  • What VET can offer to COVID-19 youth unemployment recovery 13 May 2021

    By Joanne Waugh, Michelle Circelli

    This research discusses the role of VET in mitigating the effects of economic downturns on young… Show more

  • Industry’s role in VET governance: using international… 22 April 2021

    By Gitta Siekmann, Michelle Circelli

    This research summary brings together findings using primarily international country comparisons on … Show more

  • Traditional trade apprenticeships: experiences and outcomes 9 September 2020

    By Josie Misko, Zhaoyi Gu, Michelle Circelli

    Part 3: examines the experiences of the traditional trade apprentice through findings from the 2019 … Show more

  • This guide focuses on the implications for VET educators of the increasing need to include digital… Show more

  • Initial and continuing VET in Australia: clarifying… 12 May 2020

    By Michelle Circelli, John Stanwick

    This project explores if the international definitions of IVET and CVET are also suitable for the… Show more

  • From school to VET: choices, experiences and outcomes 22 March 2018

    By Kristen Osborne, Michelle Circelli

    This report brings together recent NCVER research that highlights the specific and complex issues… Show more

  • Data linkage in VET research: opportunities, challenges and … 21 February 2018

    By Kristen Osborne, Craig Fowler, Michelle Circelli

    This paper provides a broad overview of the nature of data linkage, highlights possible uses in the … Show more

  • When one door closes: VET's role in helping displaced… 8 June 2016

    By Bridget Wibrow, Michelle Circelli

    The vocational education and training sector plays an important role in helping displaced workers… Show more

  • The end of car manufacturing in Australia: what is the role … 18 November 2015

    By John Stanwick, Michelle Circelli, Tham Lu

    This research synthesis examines the general decline of the manufacturing industry, and the… Show more

  • Economic vulnerability in Australia, 2002-12: an employment … 30 June 2014

    By John Stanwick, Michelle Circelli

    Manufacturing and retail industries tend to dominate in more economically vulnerable regions while… Show more