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  • Assessing and acknowledging learning through non-accredited … 22 August 2008

    By Darryl Dymock, Stephen Billett

    Ways of assessing and acknowledging the range of outcomes in non-accredited community adult… Show more

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  • Towards more effective continuing education and training… 18 December 2015

    By Stephen Billett, Sarojni Choy, Darryl Dymock, Ray Smith, Amanda Henderson, Mark Tyler, Ann Kelly

    This report is the final report of a three-year program of research that aimed to investigate what… Show more

  • Refining models and approaches in continuing education and… 19 March 2014

    By Stephen Billett, Sarojni Choy, Darryl Dymock, Ray Smith, Ann Kelly, Mark Tyler, Amanda Henderson, Jason Lewis, Fred Beven

    Interviews with workers and managers show differences in their reasons for engaging in continuing… Show more

  • Continuing education and training models and strategies: an … 13 December 2012

    By Amanda Henderson, Ann Kelly, Darryl Dymock, Fred Beven, Ian James, Jason Lewis, Ray Smith, Sarojni Choy, Stephen Billett

    This report comes out of a three-year program of research that aims to investigate how best the… Show more

  • Change, work and learning: aligning continuing education… 11 April 2012

    By Stephen Billett, Amanda Henderson, Sarojni Choy, Darryl Dymock, Fred Bevan, Ann Kelly, Ian James, Jason Lewis, Ray Smith

    As part of a three-year program of research, the authors are investigating how the training system… Show more

  • Higher education in TAFE: Research overviews 5 January 2010

    By Gavin Moodie, Leesa Wheelahan, Stephen Billett, Ann Kelly

    TAFE institutes offering higher education degrees is a relatively new concept, but the practice is… Show more

  • Higher education in TAFE 3 September 2009

    By Leesa Wheelahan, Gavin Moodie, Stephen Billett, Ann Kelly

    This report considers different perspectives of higher education qualifications offered by TAFE… Show more

  • Higher education in TAFE: An issues paper 13 May 2009

    By Gavin Moodie, Leesa Wheelahan, Stephen Billett, Ann Kelly

    Growth in mixed-sector institutions offering both vocational and higher education qualifications is … Show more

  • Sustaining effective social partnerships 16 June 2008

    By Terri Seddon, Stephen Billett, Allie Clemans, Carolyn Ovens, Kathleen Ferguson, Kathleen Fennessy

    This report reveals that the formation and maintenance of social partnerships depends on five key… Show more

  • Effective models of employment-based training 8 May 2008

    By Sarojni Choy, Kaye Bowman, Stephen Billett, Louise Wignall, Sandra Haukka

    Australia needs highly skilled workers to sustain a healthy economy. Current employment-based… Show more

  • The way school students understand work through their paid part-time work and participation in… Show more

  • Forming, developing and sustaining social partnerships 21 December 2005

    By Stephen Billett, Allie Clemans, Terri Seddon

    The principles and practices that build and sustain social partnerships in communities in a range… Show more

  • Mechanisms for increasing employer contributions to… 1 October 2004

    By Stephen Billett, Andrew Smith

    The level of enterprise expenditure on training in Australia appears to be growing, and now… Show more

  • Social partnerships in vocational education: Building… 24 May 2004

    By Terri Seddon, Stephen Billett

    Social partnerships provide communities with the capacity to address problems, such as community… Show more

  • How small business learnt about goods and services tax:… 9 October 2003

    By Stephen Billett, Lisa Ehrich, Bernie Hernon-Tinning

    Small businesses, like larger enterprises, need the capacity to respond to the changing demands and … Show more

  • Meeting the demand: The needs of VET clients 11 June 2000

    By Stephen Billett, Sharon Hayes

    Today the provision of vocational education is being shaped more and more by the needs of clients.… Show more

  • Meeting the demand: The needs of VET clients - An overview 11 June 2000

    By Stephen Billett, Sharon Hayes

    An overview of the report 'Meeting the demand: The needs of VET clients'. Today the provision of… Show more

  • Irreconcilable differences? Women in small business and VET 11 June 1999

    By Barbara Kempnich, Elaine Butler, Stephen Billett

    This report examines issues related to the learning needs of women working in small business. It… Show more

  • The CBT decade: Teaching for flexibility and adaptability - … 11 June 1999

    By Stephen Billett, Charlie McKavanagh, Fred Beven, Lawrence Angus, Terri Seddon, John Gough, Sharon Hayes, Ian Robertson

    This is an overview of the report by the same name which looks at how competency-based training has … Show more

  • Returns to enterprises from investment in VET: Review of… 11 June 1997

    By Stephen Billett, Maureen Cooper

    Analyses current and recent research in this area. Examines how the research has contributed to… Show more