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  • The factors affecting the educational and occupational… 2 April 2014

    By Sinan Gemici, Alice Bednarz, Tom Karmel, Patrick Lim

    Parental influence plays a significant role in their children's educational aspirations.

  • The impact of school academic quality on low socioeconomic… 20 August 2013

    By Patrick Lim, Sinan Gemici, Tom Karmel

    The authors of this paper explore whether low socioeconomic status (SES) students benefit to a… Show more

  • Welfare to work: Does vocational education and training… 22 April 2009

    By Tom Karmel, Kevin Mark, Nhi Nguyen

    The purpose of this paper looks at the fundamental issue of whether VET does improve the employment … Show more

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  • Measuring VET participation by socioeconomic status: an… 8 July 2014

    By Patrick Lim, Tom Karmel

    Assessing annual training participation targets requires accurate information but when the tool for … Show more

  • The impact of increasing university participation on the… 22 May 2014

    By Tom Karmel, David Roberts, Patrick Lim

    Apprentices aren't what they used to be, or are they?

  • Increasing education levels are contributing to improved productivity.

  • Starting out in low-skill jobs 2 October 2013

    By Tom Karmel, Tham Lu, Damian Oliver

    The purpose of this research is to examine whether, for those who have left full-time education, a… Show more

  • Socioeconomic disadvantage and participation in tertiary… 18 June 2013

    By Patrick Lim, Tom Karmel

    This paper was written to encourage policy-makers to think about how to measure socioeconomic… Show more

  • The impact of schools on young people's transition to… 4 April 2013

    By Sinan Gemici, Patrick Lim, Tom Karmel

    This report uses Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) data to look at the impact of… Show more

  • Associate degree or advanced diploma? A case study 16 October 2012

    By Tom Karmel, Tham Lu

    The distinction between VET and higher education in Australia is blurring. The purpose of… Show more

  • The value of completing a VET qualification 10 October 2012

    By Tom Karmel, Peter Fieger

    Using data from the 2009 Student Outcomes Survey, this report looks at the pay-offs of completing… Show more

  • The role of 'culture' in apprenticeship completions 17 July 2012

    By Tom Karmel, David Roberts

    This paper aims to explain the extent to which variation in apprenticeship completion rates can be… Show more

  • Attrition in the trades 7 November 2011

    By Tom Karmel, Patrick Lim, Josie Misko

    This report investigates attrition in the trades by comparing the rate at which tradespeople leave… Show more

  • Pre-vocational programs and their impact on traineeship… 31 October 2011

    By Damian Oliver, Tom Karmel

    Pre-vocational programs, including VET in Schools, are increasingly providing a pathway into… Show more

  • Effect of the downturn on apprentices and trainees 26 September 2011

    By Tom Karmel, Damian Oliver

    Looking at apprentice and trainee data and employment data back to 1995, we find that declines in… Show more

  • The vocational equivalent to Year 12 21 September 2011

    By Patrick Lim, Tom Karmel

    This paper investigates what might be the vocational equivalent to completing senior secondary… Show more

  • Social capital and youth transitions: do young people's … 13 September 2011

    By Ronnie Semo, Tom Karmel

    In this paper the authors explore the relationship between social capital at age 15 and… Show more

  • Which paths work for which young people? 10 August 2011

    By Tom Karmel, Shu-Hui Liu

    In this paper, the authors identify various educational paths involving school and post-school… Show more

  • Pathways: developing the skills of Australia's workforce 30 May 2011

    By Hugh Guthrie, John Stanwick, Tom Karmel

    This paper was originally developed to help the Training and Skills Commission in South Australia… Show more

  • The impact of wages and the likelihood of employment on the … 27 May 2011

    By Tom Karmel, Peter Mlotkowski

    This paper updates an earlier paper by Karmel and Mlotkowski and looks at how the probability of… Show more