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  • The idea that individuals,enterprises and economies gain financially from increased participation… Show more

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  • Forming, developing and sustaining social partnerships 21 December 2005

    By Stephen Billett, Allie Clemans, Terri Seddon

    The principles and practices that build and sustain social partnerships in communities in a range… Show more

  • Workplace training practices in the residential aged care… 21 December 2005

    By Robin Booth, Sue Roy, Helen Jenkins, Berwyn Clayton, Sarah Sutcliffe

    Personal care workers in residential care facilities, who make up one in two of the workforce, are… Show more

  • Qualifications use for recruitment in the Australian labour … 21 December 2005

    By Jack Keating, Tanya Nicholas, John Polesel, Jocelyn Watson

    The use and value of qualifications has gained a significant amount of policy attention in recent… Show more

  • Lessons and challenges: Vocational education in schools -… 21 December 2005

    By Kate Barnett, Robin Ryan

    A stocktake of issues and activities in vocational education and training in schools through the… Show more

  • Training skilled workers: Lessons from the oil and gas… 21 December 2005

    By Jane Figgis, Alf Standen

    This report analyses the progression of workers from process workers to supervisors in the oil and… Show more

  • This technical report looks at options for determining more about, firstly, students in VET who do… Show more

  • From school to work: The role of traineeships 5 December 2005

    By Paul Koshy, Thorsten Stromback, Alfred Michael Dockery

    This study analyses the role of traineeships in the transition from school to work, using data from … Show more

  • The year 9 class of 1998 in 2004 1 December 2005

    By Catherine Underwood, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

    This report provides details of the activities and experiences of the Year 9 class of 1998 in the… Show more

  • The year 9 class of 1998 in 2003 1 December 2005

    By Sheldon Rothman, Catherine Underwood, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

    This report provides details of the activities and experiences of the Year 9 class of 1998 in the… Show more

  • Non-apprenticeship VET courses: Participation, persistence… 1 December 2005

    By Julie McMillan, Sheldon Rothman, Nicole Wernert, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

    This report examines recent school leavers who commenced non-apprenticeship vocational education… Show more

  • Dimensions of innovation: Some historical perspectives on… 1 December 2005

    By Richard Pickersgill

    The development of a uniquely Australian system of innovation and its relation to the vocational… Show more

  • How workplace experiences while at school affect career… 30 November 2005

    By Erica Smith, Annette Green

    How experiences with the workplace while at school affect young people after leaving school is the… Show more

  • Integrating literacies: Using partnerships to build… 30 November 2005

    By Rosie Wickert, Jenny McGuirk

    It has long been accepted that adult literacy and numeracy is best taught and learned in real-life… Show more

  • This book of readings combines the results of a body of research on the funding and financing of… Show more

  • Who's missing out? Access and equity in vocational… 21 November 2005

    By Gillian Considine, Ian Watson, Richard Hall

    This report explores access to vocational education and training (and university) currently and… Show more

  • Indigenous vocational education and training: At a glance 18 November 2005

    By Katy O'Callaghan

    This publication presents the results of a comprehensive research program on Indigenous Australians … Show more

  • Indigenous Australians participate in training for many reasons and achieve a range of outcomes.… Show more

  • Employers and qualifications: At a glance 8 November 2005

    By Ann Blythe, Kaye Bowman

    Over the past decade, the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector has focused on… Show more

  • Two well-established findings about employer-provided training form the backdrop to this research.… Show more


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