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  • The role of VET in workforce development: a story of… 4 October 2011

    By Tanya Bretherton

    This final report from a three-year research program puts the focus on the ability of VET to… Show more

  • This paper investigates the strategies and practices used by institutions worldwide to develop the… Show more

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  • The student journey: the many faces of completion and… 22 May 2024

    By Bridget Wibrow, Michelle Hall, Tabatha Griffin

    This report explored the various aspects of course completion and non-completion. It identified… Show more

  • This document provides technical detail and supporting data for the research findings discussed in… Show more

  • This publication provides a summary of the outcomes of international students who completed a… Show more

  • Driving towards a green economy 1 May 2024

    By NCVER

    This product provides a short overview of the automotive industry and the VET sector as it pertains … Show more

  • Provides a summary of data relating to domestic Government-funded VET activity delivered in… Show more

  • VET student outcomes 2023 14 December 2023

    By NCVER

    Provides a summary of the outcomes of students who completed nationally recognised vocational… Show more

  • Note: This publication has been superseded. Provides a summary of data relating to domestic… Show more

  • NCVER Annual reports 30 November 2023

    By NCVER

    Previous NCVER annual reports are available here. They document important company information,… Show more

  • NCVER annual report 2022-23 30 November 2023

    By NCVER

    This report outlines the research, products, services, key activities we delivered for the last… Show more

  • From VET to sustainable employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples examines the… Show more

  • Note: This publication has been superseded. This report provides a summary of data relating to… Show more

  • Building effective RTO-employer partnerships 20 September 2023

    By Daniella Trimboli, Michelle Circelli, Tina Berghella

    Building effective RTO-employer partnerships provides insights into strategies for RTOs that foster … Show more

  • Building effective RTO-employer partnerships: good practice … 20 September 2023

    By Tina Berghella, Michelle Circelli, Daniella Trimboli

    Effective partnerships between training providers and employers are important for ensuring a robust … Show more

  • This report presents the latest and projected contract and individual completion and attrition… Show more

  • VET qualification completion rates 2022 30 August 2023

    By NCVER

    VET qualification completion rates 2022 presents observed actual completion rates for nationally… Show more

  • Total VET students and courses 2022 17 August 2023

    By NCVER

    Provides an estimate of the extent and nature of nationally recognised vocational education and… Show more

  • This report investigates the influence of student support service offerings on students’ choice of… Show more

  • VET in Schools 2022 27 July 2023

    By NCVER

    This publication presents information on the vocational education and training (VET) undertaken by… Show more


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