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  • Improving participation and success in VET for… 22 March 2018

    By Stephen Lamb, Quentin Maire, Anne Walstab, Graeme Newman, Esther Doecke, Merryn Davies

    VET outcomes may be improved if training providers take a more regional approach to course… Show more

  • Welfare to work: Does vocational education and training… 22 April 2009

    By Tom Karmel, Kevin Mark, Nhi Nguyen

    The purpose of this paper looks at the fundamental issue of whether VET does improve the employment … Show more

  • Vocational education and training and people with a… 25 November 2008

    By Tabatha Griffin, Lisa Nechvoglod

    There has been much research and discussion about how people with a disability engage with… Show more

  • Lessons and challenges: Vocational education in schools -… 21 December 2005

    By Kate Barnett, Robin Ryan

    A stocktake of issues and activities in vocational education and training in schools through the… Show more

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  • Driving towards a green economy 1 May 2024

    By NCVER

    This product provides a short overview of the automotive industry and the VET sector as it pertains … Show more

  • Government funding of VET 2022 26 October 2023

    By NCVER

    This report provides an insight into the flow of funding into the public VET sector, what is… Show more

  • NCVER Annual reports 30 November 2023

    By NCVER

    Previous NCVER annual reports are available here. They document important company information,… Show more

  • NCVER annual report 2022-23 30 November 2023

    By NCVER

    This report outlines the research, products, services, key activities we delivered for the last… Show more

  • Government funding of VET 2021 3 November 2022

    By NCVER

    Note: This publication has been superseded. This report presented information about the flow of… Show more

  • Government funding of VET 2020 2 December 2021

    By NCVER

    Note: This publication has been superseded. Provides insight into the flow of funding in the public … Show more

  • Who are the persistently NEET young people? 13 October 2017

    By John Stanwick, Cameron Forrest, Peta Skujins

    The main socio-demographic characteristics associated with being persistently not employed, in… Show more

  • Policy snapshot: Indigenous training and employment 22 May 2017

    By Georgina Windley

    This paper provides an insight into trends in Indigenous employment and training programs… Show more

  • Evolution not revolution: views on training products reform 1 February 2017

    By Francesca Beddie, Jo Hargreaves, Georgina Atkinson

    This paper captures the views arising from a symposium held on 9 August 2016, at which participants … Show more

  • This literature review looks at policy contexts and their measures of impact, with a particular… Show more

  • Trends in VET: policy and participation 5 September 2016

    By Georgina Atkinson, John Stanwick

    This paper examines the key trends in VET participation during the period 1996 to 2014. It also… Show more

  • VET provider market structures: history, growth and change 18 July 2016

    By Patrick Korbel, Josie Misko

    Increasing competition in the vocational education and training sector over the last two decades… Show more

  • Using the framework developed by NCVER, this case study evaluation reveals the extent to which… Show more

  • Looking at the past can teach us about what directions the future can take. A group of prominent… Show more

  • Interview with Francesca Beddie on 'What next for… 25 August 2014

    By Francesca Beddie

    In this audio interview, Francesca Beddie discusses her paper, What next for tertiary education?… Show more

  • Imagine a new landscape for education. Reflecting on the past, through the Martin report of the… Show more


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