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  • This Community of Practice paper seeks to determine whether peer-to-peer mentoring is a successful… Show more

  • The role of VET in workforce development: a story of… 4 October 2011

    By Tanya Bretherton

    This final report from a three-year research program puts the focus on the ability of VET to… Show more

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  • Plumbing, sustainability and training 21 December 2011

    By Sian Halliday-Wynes, John Stanwick

    In this report the authors examine how skills development in domestic plumbing occupations has… Show more

  • The attitudes of people with a disability to undertaking… 21 December 2011

    By Lisa Nechvoglod, Tabatha Griffin

    This research used a survey to investigate the attitudes of people with a disability towards… Show more

  • Mapping adult literacy performance 20 December 2011

    By Michelle Circelli, Kate Perkins, David D Curtis

    Language, literacy and numeracy are necessary for greater workforce participation, productivity and … Show more

  • Working for yourself: for love or money? Research overview 20 December 2011

    By Georgina Atkinson

    This overview describes research conducted by the University of Canberra which looked at the… Show more

  • Two features of the labour market for vocationally qualified workers are explored in this technical … Show more

  • The master artisan: a framework for master tradespeople in… 13 December 2011

    By Karen O'Reilly-Briggs

    The author explores the prospect of improving pathways and opportunities for tradespeople in… Show more

  • E-waste management in the VET environment 8 December 2011

    By Virginia Waite

    The recycling of electronic waste (e-waste) has become a global issue. This research examines the… Show more

  • This technical paper outlines the methodology used to adjust the original Program of International… Show more

  • Understanding the psychological contract in apprenticeships … 29 November 2011

    By Erica Smith, Arlene Walker, Roslin Brennan Kemmis

    This research examines the 'psychological contract' or the unwritten expectations of employers and… Show more

  • Researching VET and disability: at a glance 22 November 2011

    By Tabatha Griffin, Francesca Beddie

    Undertaking research in the vocational education and training (VET) and disability area is not… Show more

  • Interview with Tom Karmel on 'Attrition in the… 18 November 2011

    By Tom Karmel

    In this 9 minute interview, Steve Davis talks with Tom Karmel about the report 'Attrition in the… Show more

  • This briefing paper explores the link between wellbeing and the stages of transition of… Show more

  • Attrition in the trades 7 November 2011

    By Tom Karmel, Patrick Lim, Josie Misko

    This report investigates attrition in the trades by comparing the rate at which tradespeople leave… Show more

  • Attrition in the trades: research overview 7 November 2011

    By Sara Wilson

    This overview provides a discussion about the report ‘Attrition in the trades’, and concludes that… Show more

  • Older workers: research readings 3 November 2011

    By Tabatha Griffin, Francesca Beddie

    One of the significant challenges facing Australia is the ageing of the population. This… Show more

  • The corrective services industry has a strong history of, and commitment to, the provision of… Show more

  • Pre-vocational programs and their impact on traineeship… 31 October 2011

    By Damian Oliver, Tom Karmel

    Pre-vocational programs, including VET in Schools, are increasingly providing a pathway into… Show more

  • Differing skill requirements across countries and over time 27 October 2011

    By Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    This report investigates skill matches to job requirements for workers in Australia, New Zealand,… Show more


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