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  • Quality assessments: practice and perspectives 25 July 2014

    By Josie Misko, Sian Halliday-Wynes, John Stanwick, Sinan Gemici

    The quality and rigour of assessments in VET have been key concerns for VET policy-makers, which… Show more

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  • Data from NCVER's statistical collections and surveys are brought together to cover training… Show more

  • A snapshot showing how transitions for young Australians continue to change, based on the 2013… Show more

  • An overview of young people using LSAY data and research is presented in this first edition of the… Show more

  • Does scored VET in Schools help or hinder access to higher … 15 December 2014

    By Cain Polidano, Domenico Tabasso, Rong Zhang

    Scored VET subjects disadvantage VCE students who want to go to uni.

  • Data to monitor key performance and program measures for VET among school-aged youth in Australia… Show more

  • What can be done to strengthen the outcomes of VET in Schools for students?

  • Readiness to meet demand for skills: a study of five growth … 10 October 2014

    By Francesca Beddie, Mette Creaser, Jo Hargreaves, Adrian Ong

    The gap is widening between knowledge generated through Australia's training system, and the skills … Show more

  • Looking at the past can teach us about what directions the future can take. A group of prominent… Show more

  • Interview with Francesca Beddie on 'What next for… 25 August 2014

    By Francesca Beddie

    In this audio interview, Francesca Beddie discusses her paper, What next for tertiary education?… Show more

  • Imagine a new landscape for education. Reflecting on the past, through the Martin report of the… Show more

  • Do schools influence student engagement in the high school… 20 August 2014

    By Sinan Gemici, Tham Lu

    At age 15, background characteristics, like strong academic performance and a high sense of… Show more

  • Does financial stress impact on young people in tertiary… 30 July 2014

    By Sian Halliday-Wynes, Nhi Nguyen

    Around a quarter of young people in the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) report… Show more

  • Measuring VET participation by socioeconomic status: an… 8 July 2014

    By Patrick Lim, Tom Karmel

    Assessing annual training participation targets requires accurate information but when the tool for … Show more

  • Most disadvantaged learners enrol in lower-level VET qualifications as a starting point to… Show more

  • Economic vulnerability in Australia, 2002-12: an employment … 30 June 2014

    By John Stanwick, Michelle Circelli

    Manufacturing and retail industries tend to dominate in more economically vulnerable regions while… Show more

  • The factors affecting the educational and occupational… 2 April 2014

    By Sinan Gemici, Alice Bednarz, Tom Karmel, Patrick Lim

    Parental influence plays a significant role in their children's educational aspirations.

  • A series of refereed papers presented at the 22nd National Vocational Education and Training… Show more

  • Incentives for relocating to regional Australia: estimates… 23 June 2014

    By Aaron Nicholas, Chandra Shah

    It's not just about the money when moving location for work.

  • An exploration of labour mobility in mining and… 23 June 2014

    By Georgina Atkinson, Jo Hargreaves

    Personal reasons and family commitments predominantly drive labour mobility decisions.


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