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  • The student journey: skilling for life 3 July 2019

    By Kristen Osborne, Phil Loveder, Genevieve Knight

    This ‘No Frills’ 2019 discussion paper explores how, as jobs and industries develop, workers will… Show more

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  • Driving towards a green economy 1 May 2024

    By NCVER

    This product provides a short overview of the automotive industry and the VET sector as it pertains … Show more

  • The impact of COVID-19 on industry innovation, skills and need for training - insights from… Show more

  • NCVER's strategic plan 2021–23 27 January 2021

    By NCVER

    NCVER's latest strategic plan outlines the vision and mission, and 5 strategic objectives and 6… Show more

  • Skills for a global future 8 August 2018

    By Anna Payton, Genevieve Knight

    The 'No Frills' 2018 discussion paper explores the future skills we will need to both operate and… Show more

  • With their deep connections to industry, employers and the world of work, Australian… Show more

  • NCVER's strategic plan: 2017-20 2 November 2017

    By NCVER

    NCVER's new strategic plan is based on the results of an extensive independent review, designed to… Show more

  • VET applied research: driving VET's role in the… 7 September 2017

    By Francesca Beddie, Linda Simon

    Through investigations into how the VET sector can contribute to innovation, we find opportunities… Show more

  • Explaining the VET applied research developmental framework 7 September 2017

    By Linda Simon, Francesca Beddie

    This document explains the VET Applied Research Developmental Framework, created as part of a… Show more

  • Developing VET applied research: steps towards enhancing… 7 September 2017

    By Francesca Beddie, Linda Simon

    This guide suggests ways the vocational education and training sector can develop an applied… Show more

  • The contribution of VET student placement to innovation in… 29 June 2017

    By Steven Hodge, Raymond Smith, Jenny Field, Matthew Flynn

    While there was little evidence of individual students contributing to work place innovation during … Show more

  • VET research for industry 21 May 2012

    By Tom Karmel

    This paper was a keynote address at the AVETRA conference held in Canberra in April 2012. Karmel… Show more

  • Building the capacity to innovate: the role of human capital 29 February 2012

    By Andrew Smith, Jerry Courvisanos, Jacqueline Tuck, Steven McEachern

    In this paper, the authors examine the links between human resource management, including learning… Show more

  • Research messages 2011 31 January 2012

    By NCVER

    This highly-popular annual publication provides a collection of summaries of research projects… Show more

  • Innovation: its links with productivity and skill… 27 September 2011

    By John Stanwick

    Innovation is seen as a way of increasing productivity in firms and also increasing prosperity for… Show more

  • VET and the diffusion and implementation of innovation in… 30 August 2011

    By Phillip Toner, Tim Turpin, Robert Dalitz

    This report examines the linkages between innovation and skills development in vocational education … Show more

  • Increasing productivity by moving people from welfare to employment is a priority for the… Show more

  • Fostering enterprise: the innovation and skills nexus -… 28 June 2011

    By Penelope Curtin, John Stanwick, Francesca Beddie

    The main impetus for the interest in innovation is that it is seen to improve productivity at the… Show more

  • In this interview, Steve Davis talks with researcher Tanya Bretherton about her report 'Developing… Show more

  • The early childhood education and care sector in Australia has traditionally been characterised by… Show more