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  • The student journey: skilling for life 3 July 2019

    By Kristen Osborne, Phil Loveder, Genevieve Knight

    This ‘No Frills’ 2019 discussion paper explores how, as jobs and industries develop, workers will… Show more

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  • This paper is a discussion of existing work by NCVER and others on the role of VET in preparing… Show more

  • Continuing education and training models and strategies: an … 13 December 2012

    By Amanda Henderson, Ann Kelly, Darryl Dymock, Fred Beven, Ian James, Jason Lewis, Ray Smith, Sarojni Choy, Stephen Billett

    This report comes out of a three-year program of research that aims to investigate how best the… Show more

  • This paper was presented at the International Symposium on Lifelong Learning for Poverty… Show more

  • New directions in European vocational education and… 20 July 2009

    By Roger Harris, Michele Simons, Katie Maher

    In light of recent developments in educational policy and the positioning of vocational education… Show more

  • Learning collaborations between ACE and vocational… 24 November 2006

    By Susan Gelade, Tom Stehlik, Peter Willis

    The aim of this research is to define good practices which support partnerships between adult and… Show more

  • Lifelong learning and older workers 23 December 2004

    By Tom Karmel, Davinia Woods

    Discussion about Australia's ageing population has focused on the importance of increasing labour… Show more

  • Australia's approach to lifelong learning 25 November 2004

    By Tom Karmel

    Lifelong learning means different things to different people. This paper takes a pragmatic approach … Show more

  • There is increasing worldwide focus on education reform, driven by rising pressures for lifelong… Show more

  • Adult learning through fire and emergency service… 29 June 2004

    By Christine Hayes, Barry Golding, Jack Harvey

    Communication and other literacy skills are vital to public safety organisations. This report… Show more

  • Differentiating needs: Customer demand for online training 28 November 2003

    By Kristine Peters, Carolyn Lloyd

    This study investigates which market groups are most likely to take up and use online vocational… Show more

  • ACE outcomes 20 August 2003

    By Allie Clemans, Robyn Hartley, Helen Macrae

    This report provides a description of the full range of adult and community education (ACE)… Show more

  • This paper was presented to the IIEP/UNESCO-KRIVET International Policy Seminar on 'Making Lifelong … Show more

  • Exploring the social and economic impacts of adult and… 14 February 2003

    By Elisa-Rose Birch, Peter Kenyon, Paul Koshy, Nick Wills-Johnson

    This report summarises the findings of an exploratory study to measure the impact of adult and… Show more

  • Vocational education and training through one's… 18 November 2002

    By Tom Karmel, John Stanwick

    This paper was presented to the KRIVET International conference on VET, in Seoul, Republic of… Show more

  • The benefits of modular study in vocational education and… 25 March 2002

    By Oanh Phan, Stephen Saunders

    The encouragement of lifelong learning is one important aim of the Australian vocational education… Show more

  • This brief report describes new developments and initiatives in the UK on the issue of… Show more

  • The long-term benefits of a VET qualification are compared with the long-term employment outcomes… Show more

  • The financial benefits of gaining a VET qualification are calculated and assessed in this report.… Show more

  • Australia Centre Series: Vocational Training and Lifelong… 25 February 2002

    By Gerald Burke, Jochen Reuling

    How lifelong learning and vocational training are currently being implemented in Australia and in… Show more