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  • Globalisation is impacting on most spheres of human endeavour - the economy, the society, politics… Show more

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  • Don't be too polite girls!: Women, work and vocational… 27 October 1999

    By Elaine Butler, Fran Ferrier

    This report reviews the extensive literature on women and vocational education and training. It… Show more

  • Mental health issues on campus: A resource kit for staff 1 October 1999

    By Jana Andrews, Patricia McLean

    A number of students in VET and post-secondary institutions have mental health impairments. Because … Show more

  • Movement of students from TAFE to university: A data… 11 August 1999

    By Gail Cummins, Bernie Rutten, Derric Wagstaff

    The outcomes of this project were intended to facilitate and contribute to further research into… Show more

  • This discussion paper argues the need for VET to broaden its scope in response to the anticipated… Show more

  • This report considers how mentoring and mentor-like schemes can be developed by educational… Show more

  • Lifelong learning: VET in the learning age - The challenge… 10 July 1999

    By Peter Kearns, Rod McDonald, Susan Knights, George Papadopoulos, Philip Candy

    This report draws on international experience and is designed to outline some general features of… Show more

  • Lifelong learning: VET in the learning age - The challenge… 10 July 1999

    By Peter Kearns, Rod McDonald, Susan Knights, George Papadopoulos, Philip Candy

    This report provides an indepth analysis of the implications of lifelong learning for vocational… Show more

  • This paper provides a history of the research effort in the sector and examines the roles it can… Show more

  • This publication provides an overview of research findings on the pathways young people take when… Show more

  • Combined study and work pathways in vocational education… 23 June 1999

    By Peter Dwyer, Aramiha Harwood, Glen Costin, Mark Landy, Lidia Towsty, Johanna Wyn

    This report documents an investigation of the ways in which VET students in the 1990s are combining … Show more

  • ACE: Some issues 11 June 1999

    By A Campbell, Penelope Curtin

    This publication, edited by Annie Campbell and Penelope Curtin, is aimed at fostering discussion… Show more

  • Early school leavers at risk 11 June 1999

    By John McIntyre, John Freeland, Bernice Melville, Cristina Schwenke

    The key problem explored by this research is whether initial vocational education and training and… Show more

  • Competency-based training: Review of research 11 June 1999

    By Josie Misko

    This booklet provides a review of research on competency-based training. It gives a brief overview… Show more

  • Lifelong learning: Developing a training culture 11 June 1999

    By Chris Robinson, Kareena Arthy

    This book comprises the combined papers presented at concurrent sessions on research into a… Show more

  • Future training issues in Australia's industries 11 June 1999

    By Penelope Curtin

    A synopsis of the papers presented at the NCVER conference 'Industry Training Outlook: Where's your … Show more

  • Learning and training: Enhancing small business success 11 June 1999

    By Sue Kilpatrick, Suzanne Crowley

    This report addresses some of the issues surrounding small business participation in training and… Show more

  • Evaluating the contribution of competency-based training 11 June 1999

    By Dianne Mulcahy, Pauline James

    The purpose of this project was to investigate the contribution that CBT has made to outcomes in… Show more

  • Competency-based training: A staff development perspective 11 June 1999

    By Tom Lowrie, Erica Smith, Doug Hill

    This report examines the effect of competency-based instructional techniques on VET teachers and… Show more

  • How supply and demand forces shape VET markets 11 June 1999

    By Brett Freeland

    The publication focuses on examining the extent to which understandings about supply and demand… Show more


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