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  • Pathways to knowledge work 10 March 2003

    By Mark Cully

    This study based on analysis of Census data in 1986 and 2000, looks at how the occupational… Show more

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  • Differentiating needs: Customer demand for online training 28 November 2003

    By Kristine Peters, Carolyn Lloyd

    This study investigates which market groups are most likely to take up and use online vocational… Show more

  • The agile organisation: Case studies of the impact of… 28 November 2003

    By Phoebe Palmieri

    This report uses four case studies to examine how human resource practices of TAFE institutes have… Show more

  • Extending learning opportunities: A study of co-operation… 5 November 2003

    By Chris Robinson, Josie Misko

    Queensland is leading Australia in offering vocational education and training (VET) options to… Show more

  • Getting connected: Professional development of contract and … 31 October 2003

    By Tom Stehlik, Michele Simons, Lyn Kerkham, Ron Pearce, Judy Gronold

    This volume is a companion to Getting connected: Professional development of contract and casual… Show more

  • Basing policy and practice on sound evidence 22 October 2003

    By Susan Dawe

    This paper was presented to the Australasian Evaluation Society International Conference, in… Show more

  • Implementing innovative approaches to learning and… 21 October 2003

    By Michele Simons, Dave Meyers, Roger Harris, Kaaren Blom

    Training packages are a key reform of the vocational education and training (VET) system. This… Show more

  • Quality indicators in vocational education and training:… 20 October 2003

    By Kaaren Blom, Dave Meyers

    This report explores the ways in which quality is defined and understood within vocational… Show more

  • Serving client needs in regional and local communities 9 October 2003

    By Lesley Farrell, Linda Wyse

    This report explores how, and to what extent training packages are locally customised to meet the… Show more

  • How small business learnt about goods and services tax:… 9 October 2003

    By Stephen Billett, Lisa Ehrich, Bernie Hernon-Tinning

    Small businesses, like larger enterprises, need the capacity to respond to the changing demands and … Show more

  • Pathways to apprenticeships 8 September 2003

    By Tom Dumbrell

    A descriptive analysis of recent pathways to apprenticeships is presented in this report. It finds… Show more

  • Assessing and certifying generic skills: What is happening… 5 September 2003

    By Berwyn Clayton, Kaaren Blom, David Meyers, Andrea Bateman

    Assessing generic skills in a selection of training packages is the focus of this report. Based on… Show more

  • Indigenous people in vocational education and training: A… 2 September 2003

    By John Saunders, Michael Jones, Kaye Bowman, Phil Loveder, Louise Brooks

    This report provides a statistical overview of Indigenous peoples' participation and outcomes in… Show more

  • Making experience work: Generic skills through the eyes of… 26 August 2003

    By Crina Virgona, Peter Waterhouse, Robyn Sefton, Jill Sanguinetti

    This volume is a companion to 'Making experience work: Generic skills through the eyes of displaced … Show more

  • Making experience work: Generic skills through the eyes of… 26 August 2003

    By Crina Virgona, Peter Waterhouse, Robyn Sefton, Jill Sanguinetti

    This report is based on interviews with workers who have lost their jobs due to changes in the… Show more

  • The authentic performance-based assessment of… 12 August 2003

    By Rob Denton, David D Curtis

    This report documents a new approach to assessing problem-solving skills. This approach uses an… Show more

  • Recognition of prior learning in the vocational education… 6 August 2003

    By Kaye Bowman, Berwyn Clayton, Andrea Bateman, Brian Knight, Peter Thomson, Jo Hargreaves, Kaaren Blom, Marilyn Enders

    The implementation and management of recognition of prior learning (RPL) by registered training… Show more

  • This volume is a companion to Leadership and management in vocational education and training:… Show more

  • Exploring the roles, functions and expertise required of senior and frontline managers in training… Show more

  • The development of employability skills in novice workers 17 June 2003

    By Erica Smith, Paul Comyn

    This report focusses on employability skills that young people entering work for the first time, or … Show more