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  • Older workers in apprenticeships and traineeships 22 December 2006

    By Tom Karmel

    The growth of apprenticeships and traineeships between 1997 and 2003 is examined in this report,… Show more

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  • Using Australia as an example, this paper shows that globalisation poses distinct challenges for… Show more

  • Australia's technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system is highly reliant on… Show more

  • Quality is the key: Critical issues in teaching, learning… 22 December 2006

    By John Mitchell, Clive Chappell, Andrea Bateman, Susan Roy

    This report identifies what individual learners and industry clients want from vocational education … Show more

  • Crazy paving or stepping stones? Learning pathways within… 22 December 2006

    By Roger Harris, Linda Rainey, Robert Sumner

    Patterns of pathways between and within vocational education and training (VET) and higher… Show more

  • Vocational education and training, health and wellbeing: Is … 5 December 2006

    By John Stanwick, Koon Ong, Tom Karmel

    The relationship between education, including vocational education and training (VET), and measures … Show more

  • Creating effective ACE and VET partnerships: Good practice… 24 November 2006

    By Susan Gelade, Tom Stehlik, Peter Willis

    A number of ACE and VET organisations are working together in order to expand their delivery… Show more

  • Learning collaborations between ACE and vocational… 24 November 2006

    By Susan Gelade, Tom Stehlik, Peter Willis

    The aim of this research is to define good practices which support partnerships between adult and… Show more

  • These two-page research overviews summarise the 13 reports which make up the research project, 'A… Show more

  • Literacy support for Indigenous VET students: Good practice … 27 October 2006

    By Narelle McGlusky, Lenora Thaker

    This guide aims to assist teachers by providing a set of 'good practice' strategies for designing… Show more

  • Outcomes from higher-level vocational education and… 22 September 2006

    By John Stanwick

    Where do higher-level VET qualifications lead? This study investigates whether they lead to… Show more

  • Schools, vocational education and training, and… 22 September 2006

    By Helen Stokes, Kathleen Stacey, Murray Lake

    Using case studies from seven rural and regional areas, this report looks at the impact of schools… Show more

  • Dusting off the shelves: Getting the most value out of… 22 September 2006

    By Giselle Mawer, Elaine Jackson

    This report provides an analysis of data gathered from vocational education and training (VET)… Show more

  • Creating synergies: Local government facilitating learning… 4 August 2006

    By Peter Waterhouse, Crina Virgona, Richard Brown

    This report documents the evolution and development of four learning communities in Victoria, which … Show more

  • Private training providers in Australia: Their… 27 July 2006

    By Roger Harris, Michele Simons, Carmel McCarthy

    This study examines the nature of the training activity of private registered training… Show more

  • Reframing adult literacy and numeracy course outcomes: A… 19 July 2006

    By Jo Balatti, Stephen Black, Ian Falk

    This study investigated whether adult literacy and numeracy courses produced social capital… Show more

  • Building learning communities: Partnerships, social capital … 11 July 2006

    By Janelle Allison, Scott Gorringe, Justine Lacey

    This study examines the nature of the impact of vocational education and training (VET), and its… Show more

  • Using survey results of student outcomes in 2002 and a follow-up survey of these people in 2004, it … Show more

  • This set of 'exhibits' provides information relating to the presentation given at the National… Show more

  • The way school students understand work through their paid part-time work and participation in… Show more


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