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  • Drawing on interviews with students in regional and rural areas of the Northern Territory, this… Show more

  • Reality check: Matching training to the needs of regional… 18 June 2008

    By Trish Fox, Susan Gelade

    This study explores how industry in regional areas addresses skill needs realistically and… Show more

  • Examining learning partnerships in northern Australia 16 June 2008

    By John Guenther, Ian Falk, Allan Arnott, Dorothy Lucardie, Helen Spiers

    This study examines partnerships between formal and informal training providers in northern… Show more

  • Impact of TAFE inclusiveness strategies 13 June 2008

    By Veronica Volkoff, Kira Clarke, Anne Walstab

    This report examines the nature and effectiveness of 'inclusiveness' strategies implemented by TAFE … Show more

  • Social area differences in vocational education and… 13 June 2008

    By Richard Teese, Anne Walstab

    The participation of Australians in vocational education and training (VET) varies a great deal in… Show more

  • Demographic impacts on the future supply of vocational… 13 June 2008

    By Yan Tan, Sue Richardson

    The ageing of the Australian population has become an issue of national concern. How ageing impacts … Show more

  • Participation in vocational education and training across… 13 June 2008

    By Anne Walstab, Stephen Lamb

    This report examines participation in vocational education and training (VET) across different… Show more

  • The double helix of vocational education and training and… 11 June 2008

    By Peter Kearns, Kaye Bowman, Steve Garlick

    Vocational education and training (VET) has a role to play in sustainable regional development.… Show more

  • Skills development for a diverse older workforce 30 May 2008

    By Fran Ferrier, Gerald Burke, Chris Selby Smith

    In the context of an ageing population, the opportunity for people aged 45 years and older to… Show more

  • The role of vocational education and training in welfare to … 30 April 2008

    By John Guenther, Ian Falk, Allan Arnott

    This report investigates the role that vocational education and training (VET) can play in the… Show more

  • Creating learning spaces for refugees: The role of… 2 April 2008

    By Beatriz Miralles-Lombardo, Judith Miralles, Barry Golding

    Through the experiences of refugees from Bosnia, Iraq and Sudan, this research sought to explore… Show more

  • This paper presents a series of stylised facts from the research literature on vocational education … Show more