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  • Breaking down the barriers: strategies to assist… 13 October 2010

    By Sandra Cotton

    Apprentices with a learning disability can face significant barriers to completing their training.… Show more

  • Education and happiness in the school-to-work transition 19 April 2010

    By Alfred Michael Dockery

    Education is generally seen as enhancing people's lives. However, previous research has reported an … Show more

  • How reasons for not completing apprenticeships and… 22 March 2010

    By Tom Karmel, Peter Mlotkowski

    The NCVER Apprentice and Destination Survey collected, among other things, data on reasons for not… Show more

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  • The role of VET in alcohol and other drugs workforce… 20 December 2010

    By Ken Pidd, Ann Roche, Amanda Carne

    The community services and health industries have experienced a period of growth in recent… Show more

  • Using the 1995 cohort of the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth, this study looks at how the… Show more

  • A short history of initial VET teacher training 7 December 2010

    By Hugh Guthrie

    This paper examines initial VET teacher training from the late 1979s to the present, based on the… Show more

  • The role of VET in preventing the scarring effect of youth… 7 December 2010

    By Hielke Buddelmeyer, Nicolas Herault

    Using data from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth, this report looks at the extent to… Show more

  • Practitioner expectations and experiences with the… 7 December 2010

    By Berwyn Clayton

    This report explores the beliefs and experiences of new graduates of the certificate IV, with a… Show more

  • This report looks at whether vocational education and training (VET) is equipped to meet the… Show more

  • Partnerships between literacy teachers and community service workers have the potential to engage… Show more

  • Work, skills and training in the Australian red meat… 11 November 2010

    By Kent Norton, Mike Rafferty

    This report shows that training in the meat-processing sector is now oriented towards on-the-job… Show more

  • An investigation of TAFE efficiency 28 October 2010

    By Peter Fieger, Tom Karmel, John Stanwick

    Governments are interested in the relative efficiency of institutions, and in addition, information … Show more

  • Who works beyond the 'standard' retirement age and… 28 October 2010

    By Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    This report describes the characteristics of those who continue to work beyond the age of 65.

  • To what extent do local governments use vocational education and training as a staff retention… Show more

  • Review of NCVER building researcher capacity initiative 20 October 2010

    By Ashlea Bartram, John Stanwick, Phil Loveder

    In mid-2010 NCVER undertook a review of its building researcher capacity initiative in order to… Show more

  • Post-school education and labour force participation in… 21 September 2010

    By Siobhan Austen, Fiona MacPhail

    This study provides a comparison of the post-school education systems of Australia and Canada using … Show more

  • Against the odds: influences on the post-school success of… 21 September 2010

    By Sue Thomson, Kylie Hillman

    The link between academic achievement and labour market outcomes is well established. But how well… Show more

  • Expanding national vocational education and training… 13 September 2010

    By Andrew C Smith, Rosemary Potter, Peter J Smith

    Insight into the barriers to collecting data on students and their enrolments and ways of… Show more

  • The impact of wages on the probability of completing an… 8 September 2010

    By Tom Karmel, Peter Mlotkowski

    Making use of the NCVER Apprentice and Trainee Destination Survey, this paper focus on wages and… Show more

  • This paper explores a range of issues related to the development of the VET workforce. It examines… Show more


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