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  • In this podcast, Sue Webb, a researcher, talks about the initial findings from work looking at the… Show more

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  • Continuing education and training models and strategies: an … 13 December 2012

    By Amanda Henderson, Ann Kelly, Darryl Dymock, Fred Beven, Ian James, Jason Lewis, Ray Smith, Sarojni Choy, Stephen Billett

    This report comes out of a three-year program of research that aims to investigate how best the… Show more

  • Potential factors influencing Indigenous education… 28 November 2012

    By Nicholas Biddle, Timothy Cameron

    The focus of this paper is on the factors, other than access, that influence the decision for… Show more

  • Workforce skills development and engagement in training… 20 November 2012

    By Danielle Ranshaw, David Crean, John Mills, Kaye Bowman

    This report aims to throw some light on the role that skills sets play in meeting the needs of… Show more

  • Interview with Kaye Bowman on 'Workforce skills… 20 November 2012

    By Kaye Bowman

    In this interview, Steve Davis talks with co-author Kaye Bowman about the report ‘Workforce skills… Show more

  • This report investigates the role that qualifications play in the labour mobility of foreign… Show more

  • Educating oneself out of social exclusion 2 November 2012

    By Hielke Buddelmeyer, Felix Leung, Rosanna Scutella

    Increasing education and training is considered one means by which to reduce the extent of social… Show more

  • Interview with Hielke Buddelmeyer on 'Educating oneself … 2 November 2012

    By Hielke Buddelmeyer

    In this phone interview, Hielke Buddelmeyer, talks about the impact of education and training on… Show more

  • Studying beyond age 25: who does it and what do they gain? 18 October 2012

    By Michael Coelli, Domenico Tabasso, Rezida Zakirova

    What would prompt people to undertake education and training in their mid-20s and beyond and what… Show more

  • The training requirements of foreign-born workers in… 26 September 2012

    By Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    In recent decades Australian immigration policy has focused mostly on accepting high-skilled… Show more

  • How did young people fare in the 1990s economic downturn? 29 August 2012

    By Ha Vu, Tu Gorgens, J Rob Bray

    To provide insights into how young people may fare in the current economic downturn, this study… Show more

  • Bridging the gap: who takes a gap year and why? 6 June 2012

    By David D Curtis, Peter Mlotkowski, Marilyn Lumsden

    This report was prepared for the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to… Show more

  • Workforce skills development and engagement in training… 1 May 2012

    By John Mills, Kaye Bowman, David Crean, Danielle Ranshaw

    The paper outlines the difference between the skill sets developed by national VET industry bodies… Show more

  • Skill shortages: prevalence, causes, remedies and… 20 February 2012

    By Josh Healy, Kostas Mavromaras, Peter J Sloane

    This report aims to improve our understanding of the causes of skill shortages, the way businesses… Show more

  • Building the capacity to innovate: the role of human capital 29 February 2012

    By Andrew Smith, Jerry Courvisanos, Jacqueline Tuck, Steven McEachern

    In this paper, the authors examine the links between human resource management, including learning… Show more

  • This occasional paper traces the evolution of Australia's apprenticeship system from European… Show more

  • Research messages 2011 31 January 2012

    By NCVER

    This highly-popular annual publication provides a collection of summaries of research projects… Show more