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  • Skilled migrant women in regional Australia: promoting… 21 October 2013

    By Susan Webb, Denise Beale, Miriam Faine

    This research report examines the underutilisation of the skills of migrants in regional areas,… Show more

  • Vocational education, Indigenous students and the choice of … 3 April 2013

    By Susan Bandias, Don Fuller, Steven Larkin

    This report looks at the pathways Indigenous students in the Northern Territory take between VET… Show more

  • Cultural dimensions of Indigenous participation in… 5 February 2013

    By Alfred Michael Dockery

    This study provides new evidence on the inter-relationships between Indigenous Australians'… Show more

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  • Vocational education's variable links to vocations 19 December 2013

    By Emmaline Bexley, Gavin Moodie, Leesa Wheelahan, Nick Fredman

    Using NCVER and Australian Bureau of Statistics data as well as findings from four case studies,… Show more

  • Issues for VET providers delivering associate and bachelor… 26 November 2013

    By Kaye Bowman, Victor Callan

    This literature review compares vocational education and training (VET) and higher education… Show more

  • Defining vocational streams: insights from the engineering, … 26 November 2013

    By Serena Yu, Tanya Bretherton, John Buchanan

    This report identifies two preconditions for vocational streams as well as describes scenarios of… Show more

  • Single-sex schools and science engagement 14 November 2013

    By Joanna Sikora

    This paper considers whether single-sex schooling affects gendered patterns in the uptake of… Show more

  • A half-open door: pathways for VET award holders into… 6 November 2013

    By Jenny Chesters, Louise Watson, Pauline Hagel

    Effective pathways from vocational education and training (VET) to higher education help to… Show more

  • Entry to vocations: strengthening VET in Schools 28 October 2013

    By Kira Clarke

    How VET in Schools can be strengthened to provide stronger links to post-school pathways is… Show more

  • Starting out in low-skill jobs 2 October 2013

    By Tom Karmel, Tham Lu, Damian Oliver

    The purpose of this research is to examine whether, for those who have left full-time education, a… Show more

  • The impact of school academic quality on low socioeconomic… 20 August 2013

    By Patrick Lim, Sinan Gemici, Tom Karmel

    The authors of this paper explore whether low socioeconomic status (SES) students benefit to a… Show more

  • The returns to literacy skills in Australia 6 August 2013

    By Jenny Chesters, Chris Ryan, Mathias Sinning

    This study goes beyond looking at how the financial return to training varies with qualification… Show more

  • Labour mobility and vocational education and training in… 22 July 2013

    By Kostas Mavromaras, Stephane Mahuteau, Zhang Wei

    Types of job mobility (changing industry sector, changing occupation, and changing sector and… Show more

  • Hurdling the barriers: enabling student pathways from VET… 22 July 2013

    By Anthony Mills, Patricia McLaughlin, Jane Carnegie

    The authors investigate the 'enablers' that support building and construction students moving from… Show more

  • Investigating the 'crisis': production workers' … 16 July 2013

    By Stephen Black, Keiko Yasukawa, Tony Brown

    Results from the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of… Show more

  • Seeking the N in LLN 12 July 2013

    By Tina Berghella, John Molenaar

    Literacy and numeracy skills are critical in the workplace and yet little is known in Australia… Show more

  • Assessment issues in VET: minimising the level of risk 28 June 2013

    By Sian Halliday-Wynes, Josie Misko

    This report explores some of the key issues associated with the assessment in VET and reflects on… Show more

  • Structures in tertiary education and training: a… 24 June 2013

    By Francesca Beddie, Penelope Curtin, Laura O'Connor

    In this eclectic collection of papers, 13 essayists and four high-profile discussants consider the… Show more

  • Industry currency and professional obsolescence: what can… 21 June 2013

    By Berwyn Clayton, Pam Jonas, Regan Harding, Mark Harris, Melinda Toze

    This report explores the issues of industry currency and professional obsolescence - or the… Show more

  • Socioeconomic disadvantage and participation in tertiary… 18 June 2013

    By Patrick Lim, Tom Karmel

    This paper was written to encourage policy-makers to think about how to measure socioeconomic… Show more


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