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  • Adult trade apprentices: exploring the significance of… 29 September 2015

    By Jo Hargreaves, Davinia Blomberg

    The nature of apprenticeships is changing. Uptake of recognition of prior learning and the impacts… Show more

  • How does the labour market reward students who complete a qualification compared to those who only… Show more

  • Competency progression and completion: how is the policy… 29 September 2015

    By Berwyn Clayton, Hugh Guthrie, Pam Every, Regan Harding

    Progression through training should be based on skills attained rather than time served, but the… Show more

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  • Towards more effective continuing education and training… 18 December 2015

    By Stephen Billett, Sarojni Choy, Darryl Dymock, Ray Smith, Amanda Henderson, Mark Tyler, Ann Kelly

    This report is the final report of a three-year program of research that aimed to investigate what… Show more

  • Supporting tertiary students with disabilities:… 27 November 2015

    By Ellie Fossey, Lisa Chaffey, Annie Venville, Priscilla Ennals, Jacinta Douglas, Christine Bigby

    Disability can significantly disrupt educational attainment, negatively impacting on employment… Show more

  • Industry restructuring and job loss: helping older workers… 18 November 2015

    By Kaye Bowman, Victor Callan

    Training is important but it is just one component in any package designed to reduce the impacts of … Show more

  • This report examines key factors in the resourcing and efficacy of training for South Australian… Show more

  • What can Australia learn from how other countries regulate vocational education and training? New… Show more

  • Lessons from VET providers delivering degrees 30 July 2015

    By Victor Callan, Kaye Bowman

    What are the major drivers and key challenges facing VET providers that transition to offering… Show more

  • What does it take for stronger vocational streams – a set of related occupations in a broader field … Show more

  • Towards a new approach to mid-level qualifications 15 June 2015

    By Gavin Moodie, Leesa Wheelahan, Nick Fredman, Emmaline Bexley

    Does industry support a new approach to qualifications based on vocational streams and productive… Show more

  • Geographical and place dimensions of post-school… 26 February 2015

    By Susan Webb, Ros Black, Ruth Morton, Sue Plowright, Reshmi Roy

    Young people are significantly influenced by their educational and career 'inheritance'.

  • How do different countries develop, endorse and review vocational education and training… Show more