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  • Provision of foundation skills training by community… 28 January 2021

    By Lisel O'Dwyer, Mandy Mihelic

    This research investigates the contribution that community education providers make to foundation… Show more

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  • VET student outcomes 2021 16 December 2021

    By NCVER

     Note: This publication has been superseded. It provided a summary of employment outcomes and… Show more

  • Engaging more employers in nationally recognised training… 9 December 2021

    By Kaye Bowman, Victor J Callan

    This research examines the factors that influence employers’ decisions when choosing training… Show more

  • Government funding of VET 2020 2 December 2021

    By NCVER

    Note: This publication has been superseded. Provides insight into the flow of funding in the public … Show more

  • The best of both worlds? Integrating VET and higher… 25 November 2021

    By Steven Hodge, Elizabeth Knight

    This report explores the characteristics and sustainability of different models of highly… Show more

  • Issues in apprenticeships and traineeships – a research… 23 November 2021

    By John Stanwick, Maree Ackehurst, Kelly Frazer

    Many elements combine to make up the apprenticeship system in Australia. In this report, we focus… Show more

  • Note: This publication has been superseded. Government-funded students and courses: January to June … Show more

  • Attracting industry experts to become VET practitioners: a… 18 November 2021

    By Mark Tyler, Darryl Dymock

    This report explores approaches to attracting industry experts to become, and remain, VET… Show more

  • Skills utilisation in the workplace: the other side of the… 16 November 2021

    By Tabatha Griffin, Kristen Osborne, Patrick Lim, Jan Kabátek

    This report investigates skill underutilisation in Australian workers by examining patterns of… Show more

  • 40 years of NCVER 1981-2021 2 November 2021

    By NCVER

    Celebrating 40 years, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research recounts its history… Show more

  • Note: This publication has been superseded. The biennial Employers’ use and views of the VET system … Show more

  • This publication reviews the current trends in how workplace-based delivery of training is… Show more

  • VET for secondary school students: insights and outcomes 14 October 2021

    By Josie Misko, Melinda Lees, Emerick Chew

    This research examines the merits of VET for secondary school students (VfSSS) in preparing… Show more

  • Review of employment-based training models 28 September 2021

    By Lisel O'Dwyer

    This report identifies the strengths, limitations and effectiveness of employment-based training… Show more

  • Methodological approaches for projecting completion rates… 23 September 2021

    By Michelle Hall, Brian Harvey

    This technical report provides an evaluation of three alternative methodological approaches for… Show more

  • Unpacking the quality of VET delivery 8 September 2021

    By Hugh Guthrie, Melinda Waters

    This report is an interim publication for a project that outlines what is known about the quality… Show more

  • VET qualification completion rates 2019 7 September 2021

    By NCVER

    Note: This publication has been superseded. This report provided observed and projected completion… Show more

  • This report presents data trends in apprentice and trainee training activity in 2020 as compared… Show more

  • The online delivery of VET during COVID-19: part 1 24 August 2021

    By Sheila Hume, Tabatha Griffin

    This is the first of two reports which examine how the VET sector initially responded to COVID-19… Show more

  • Total VET students and courses 2020 19 August 2021

    By NCVER

    Note: This publication has been superseded. It provided an estimate of nationally recognised… Show more