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  • Tradespeople for the resources sector: projections 2010-20 15 December 2010

    By Peter Mlotkowski, Tom Karmel

    This paper was prepared for the Australian Government's National Resources Sector Employment… Show more

  • Results that match 1 of 2 words

  • This document provides technical detail and supporting data for the research findings discussed in… Show more

  • Evaluating machine learning for projecting completion rates … 19 April 2023

    By Michelle Hall, Melinda Lees, Cameron Serich, Richard Hunt

    This technical paper summarises exploratory analysis undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of… Show more

  • Exploratory analysis of VET market segments 6 April 2022

    By Bryan Palmer

    This research examined how VET students cluster in the Australian VET market and identified eight… Show more

  • Methodological approaches for projecting completion rates… 23 September 2021

    By Michelle Hall, Brian Harvey

    This technical report provides an evaluation of three alternative methodological approaches for… Show more

  • This technical analysis looks at data sourced from online job postings to see whether it can… Show more

  • Total VET program completion rates 17 May 2018

    By Brad McDonald

    This paper outlines how the methodology used to determine government-funded VET program completion… Show more

  • This technical paper reports on the 2018 self-reported graduate model review. This statistical… Show more

  • The Apprentices and trainees estimates review dashboard aims to assess the accuracy of the… Show more

  • An analysis of the first year of quarterly collected and reported data on government-funded… Show more

  • A more complete picture of all investment in training above and beyond that which is currently… Show more

  • Linking NAPLAN scores to the Longitudinal Surveys of… 8 December 2015

    By Davinia Blomberg, Marilyn Lumsden, Patrick Lim, Ronnie Semo

    This report looks at whether it is possible to link data from the Longitudinal Surveys of… Show more

  • Data linkage and statistical matching: options for the… 31 July 2013

    By Nhi Nguyen, Sinan Gemici

    Combining the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) with other data sources would enhance … Show more

  • Student load and employment outcomes attached to mid-level… 8 May 2013

    By Gavin Moodie, Nick Fredman

    This technical paper explores trends in mid-level qualifications (diplomas, advanced diplomas and… Show more

  • The effect of a pre-apprenticeship on getting an… 28 November 2012

    By Thorsten Stromback

    Do pre-apprenticeships help individuals to obtain an apprenticeship?

  • Identifying the causal effects of vocational education and… 28 November 2012

    By Thorsten Stromback

    This exploratory piece of work aims to illustrate the potential of matching methods in vocational… Show more

  • An analysis of self-reported graduates 30 October 2012

    By Ben Braysher

    The Student Outcomes Survey collects information on the outcomes of two groups of students: those… Show more

  • An investigation of wellbeing questions in the Longitudinal … 4 September 2012

    By John Stanwick, Shu-Hui Liu

    This report investigates the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) for its coverage of… Show more

  • The Student Outcomes Survey is an annual national survey of vocational education and training (VET) … Show more

  • Two features of the labour market for vocationally qualified workers are explored in this technical … Show more