Upcoming releases

6 December 2019

Coming soon

Listed below are publications scheduled for public release within the next fortnight.

NCVER annual report 2018-19 10 December 2019 By NCVER

NCVER’s annual report documents important company information, activities and achievements across th… Show more

Apprentices and trainees 2019 - June quarter 12 December 2019 By NCVER

REVISED RELEASE DATE: Apprentices and trainees 2019 — June quarter provides a national picture of ap… Show more

VET student outcomes 2019 12 December 2019 By NCVER

A summary of employment outcomes and satisfaction levels of students who completed their vocational… Show more

Apprentice and trainee experience and destinations 2019 18 December 2019 By NCVER

This report provides a summary of outcomes and satisfaction for students who completed or cancelled/… Show more

Looking ahead

There are no publications being prepared for public release in the near future.

Data release dates in 2019

Listed below are the planned release dates for our statistical products this year.

Week beginning Data product / publication
7 JanuaryGovernment funding of VET 2017
4 February Government-funded students and courses Jan-Sept 2018
4 March Apprentices and trainees September Quarter 2018
3 June Apprentices and trainees December Quarter 2018
15 July Government-funded students and courses 2018
Historical time-series of government-funded VET in Australia
22 JulyCompletion and attrition rates for apprentices and trainees 2018
26 August VET qualification completion rates 2017
Total VET students and courses 2018
Government-funded students and courses Jan-Mar 2019
2 September VET in Schools 2018
Apprentices and trainees March Quarter 2019     
28 OctoberSurvey of employer use and views 2019
11 NovemberGovernment-funded students and courses Jan-Jun 2019
2 December Government funding of VET 2018 (revised release date)
9 DecemberVET student outcomes 2019
Apprentices and trainees June Quarter 2019 (revised release date)
Historical time-series of apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia from 1963 (revised release date)
16 DecemberApprentice and trainee experience and destination survey 2019
February 2020 Government-funded students and courses Jan-Sept 2019

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