STA versions of AVETMIS Standard

8 March 2017 Revised: 19 December 2018

Individual STAs may differ slightly from NCVER in their AVETMISS reporting requirements. This page contains each STA's own version of the AVETMIS Standard for VET Providers.

STA specific fields

STAs may require information that is not collected as part of the AVETMIS Standard. This information is captured in fields positioned after the national data collection file length. This approach provides STAs with the ability to capture this additional data within the AVETMISS NAT files.

NCVER is committed to reducing burden and as such we are working with the STAs via the AVETMISS Technical Reference Advisory Committee to consolidate these fields wherever possible and make them available from the NCVER portal.

The following table is a consolidated list of state specific fields by NAT file and jurisdiction. State specific fields table

State training authorities: If you require a new state specific field please review the table above first, consult with any STAs where an applicable field already exist and consolidate where possible.

If a new field or a change to an existing state specific field is required, complete the Data Element Definitions template and submit to Once finalised, any changes to state specific reporting will be updated on the table to ensure STAs and SMS vendors have the most current information.

If you have any questions about the information on this webpage please contact us to discuss.

Release 8.0

STA Link to copy of Standard
ACT - Skills CanberraACT AVETMISS 8.0 Requirements
NSW - Board of Vocational Education and TrainingNot applicable*
NT - Department of Trade, Business & Innovation - Employment and SkillingNot applicable*
Qld - Department of Education & TrainingQueensland Department of Education and Training VET Data Reporting Requirements (AVETMISS 8.0)
SA - Department for Industry and SkillsThe Department for Industry and Skills have their own version of the Training organisation (NAT00010), Training activity (NAT00120) and the Program Completed (NAT00130) files. All other files are identical to NCVER's AVETMIS Standard.
Tas - Skills TasmaniaTasmanian AVETMISS 8.0 Requirements
Vic - Department of Education & TrainingVictorian Release 8.0 AVETMIS Standard
WA - Department of Training & Workforce Development

Western Australian Release 8.0 AVETMIS Standard

Western Australian RAPT Text file specification can be found under the "Reporting resources" section.

*Not applicable is stated where an STA does not require AVETMISS data in a different format from that specified by NCVER.