Supplementary ('A') files

22 June 2017

Using the supplementary ('A') files

In the AVETMISS VET Provider collection release 8 submission, some users may need to use a supplementary file in place of the main file, also known as a 'A' file.

When the data provided is a combination of TGA and non-TGA data, it must all go into the supplementary file; it must not be separated out into different files. For example: training organisations are not to report both a NAT00030 and a NAT00030A. Please note: Records with TGA identifiers (e.g. nationally recognised Program identifier) provided in the 'A' files only need to contain the fields required in the main version of the files as they can be verified against TGA.

For more information on how the supplementary files should be used, please see the Alternate ('A') AVETMISS files: what are they? fact sheet.

Valid file combinations

There are specific rules about how the supplementary versions of the files (i.e. the 'A' files) can be used. The following table shows where the NAT10/10A and 30/30A files can be used in combination with one another.

See the instructions in the VET Provider Collection specifications: release 8 for if you should be using the main or the supplementary versions of the files.

NAT00010NAT00030AVALIDRTOs can deliver locally recognised training
NAT00030 NAT00030AINVALIDCannot submit two Program files
NAT00010ANAT00030INVALIDNon-registered training organisations cannot deliver nationally recognised activity
NAT00010ANAT00030AVALIDNon-registered training organisations can deliver locally recognised training
NAT00010NAT00010AINVALIDCannot submit two Training organisation files