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About the National Student Outcomes Survey

The National Student Outcomes Survey collects information on VET students’ reasons for training, their employment outcomes, satisfaction with training, and further study outcomes.

Students included in the survey are those who completed their training in the previous calendar year and have an Australian address as their usual address.

Since 1999, the survey has collected information on the outcomes of government-funded VET students, broadly defined as all activity delivered by government providers and government-funded activity delivered by community education and private training providers.

In 2016, the scope of the survey was expanded to report on the outcomes of all graduates - referred to as total VET graduates - that is, those graduates whose training was Commonwealth or state funded as well as fee-for-service graduates (those who paid for the training or whose employer paid for the training).

Please see the fact sheet for an explanation of the differences between total VET and government-funded student outcomes.


Results of the National Student Outcomes Survey are published in early December each year, once fieldwork is completed in September.

Survey results are available in a variety of formats under the following titles:

Government-funded student outcomes resultsTotal VET graduate outcomes results

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Superseded publications

Superseded publications from this collection may be accessed through the VOCEDplus database.