Education and training can transform people’s lives, playing an important role in health and wellbeing and providing a valuable stepping stone towards community involvement and getting a job.

NCVER has funded significant research in this area seeking to build understanding about the role of education and training in supporting all learners to achieve their potential and overcome complex disadvantage.

Findings from this research were showcased at the one-day national forum where leading researchers from across the tertiary education and training sector discussed aspirations and student participation, diversity and equity issues and labour market outcomes. They also shared their insights into the barriers to educational participation, completion and outcomes for disadvantaged learners.


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To view all presentations please visit NCVER's YouTube channel or to watch individually click on each presentation link in the list below.

What matters in understanding the post-school destinations of young Australians?
Dr Chandra Shah & Professor Susan Webb, Monash University

Presentation (Duration: 44 mins)

PowerPoint (PDF 1.6 MB)

Good intentions are not enough: supporting post-secondary students with diverse learning needs
Ms Annie Venville, LaTrobe University

Presentation (Duration: 41 mins)

PowerPoint (PDF 1.1 MB)

From school to work to culture to happiness
Dr Michael Dockery, Curtin University

Presentation (Duration: 37 mins)

PowerPoint (PDF 127.4 KB)

Is VET the panacea we think it is?
Dr Hielke Buddelmeyer & Dr Cain Polidano, University of Melbourne

Presentation (Duration: 57 mins)

PowerPoint (PDF 2.4 MB)

Peer-mentoring and increased interest in university study
Dr Aaron Drummond, Flinders University

Powerpoint (PDF 542.3 KB)

Audio (mp3 48.5 MB)

Shooting for the stars: what drives the aspirations of young Australians?
Dr Alice Bednarz, NCVER

Powerpoint (PDF 800.6 KB)

Audio (mp3 52.5 MB)

Skilled migrants and their families: a brain gain or brain waste
Professor Susan Webb, Monash University

PowerPoint (PDF 390.1 KB)

Audio (mp3 28.7 MB)

Indigenous students and the tertiary education sector
Dr Susan Bandias, Charles Darwin University

Powerpoint (PDF 240.5 KB)

Audio (mp3 28.8 MB)

Apprentices and trainees with disabilities: profiting from participation and completion?
Professor Errol Cocks, Curtin University

Powerpoint (PDF 444.2 KB)

Audio (mp3 41.3 MB)

Are things improving? Progress in educational participation and attainment for disadvantaged youth
Dr John Stanwick, NCVER

Powerpoint (PDF 435.6 KB)

Audio (mp3 26.3 MB)

Panel discussion

Realising our potential: where to now?
Professor Peter Shergold, University of Western Sydney and Chair, NCVER Board
Professor Peter Dawkins, Victoria University
Ms Kate Davidson, Community Colleges Australia
Dr Robert Simons, Australian Council for Educational Research