Employers explore more training options to meet skills needs

Media release

10 December 2018

While around half of Australia’s employers use the nationally accredited vocational education and training (VET) system to train their staff, comparable numbers are also using unaccredited training to meet their workforce skills needs, according to a new report released today by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).

The report Unaccredited training: why employers use it and does it meet their needs? also shows that of the 51% of employers who use unaccredited training, 88% were satisfied that it provided the necessary skills for their workers.

“Employers see continued upskilling of their workforce as essential to competing effectively in a globalised economy characterised by rapid technological change,” said Simon Walker, Managing Director, NCVER.

“We do know that employers prefer accredited training when there are legislative or regulatory requirements to be met or for staff career development.

“However, employers often choose unaccredited training over accredited training for its flexibility, its cheaper cost, and its tailored approach, even though it doesn’t result in a formal vocational qualification or credential for the employee.”

The report uses data from NCVER’s Survey of Employers Use and Views of the VET System to examine the extent of unaccredited training in Australia and explores why employers use it, how satisfied they are with it, and what benefits they see in this type of training.

It indicates that satisfaction levels are high for both accredited and unaccredited training.It’s the skills required that appear to be driving what type of training is chosen by the employer to meet their needs.

“The true extent of unaccredited training in Australia is largely unknown as it sits outside of the nationally-recognised accredited system,” Mr Walker said.

“This report highlights the value of more data and research into unaccredited training, particularly from an employer expense and an employee benefit point of view, as well as informing public policy consideration of the overall VET system.

“There is a big gap in information on the financial contribution employers are making towards training their staff. Similarly, more exploration is needed from an employee perspective of the benefits of unaccredited training versus the disadvantages to them of not receiving a formal qualification or accreditation as a result.”

Unaccredited training: why employers use it and does it meet their needs? is available on our Portal.

The Survey of Employers Use and Views of the VET System is conducted every two years. It collects information about employers' engagement and satisfaction with the VET system and the various ways they use it to meet their skills needs. The next survey will be conducted in 2019.

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