VET funding

15 December 2020

About the National VET Funding Collection

Data from the National VET Funding Collection provides information on the flow and distribution of government contributions that stimulate or support publicly-subsidised vocational education and training (VET) activity in Australia.

VET funding data has three distinct parts:

  • jurisdictions’ contributions and allocations
  • funding activity and distribution
    • funding activities and distributions (excluding loan values)
    • funding for VET Student Loans
  • public VET asset base.

Reporting includes direct and indirect funding for VET including employer incentive programs for workforce training.

The new funding collection is being phased in over three years, with a subset of data collected and reported for 2017 and 2018, and full implementation for 2019.

This new collection has replaced the existing National VET Finance collection.

For collection timings and more information see our VET statistics explained page.

The collection explained

The reporting framework for the National VET Funding Collection will provide a comprehensive, fit for purpose overview of public VET funding in Australia, that allows for a broad alignment with VET training activity data.

Data products

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Supporting documentation is available from the publication page.

VET fundng annual publication

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VET funding data tables

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Superseded publications

Superseded publications from this collection may be accessed through the VOCEDplus database.